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Congratulations for having purchased the BM-3 model Bread Baking Machine. You have bought a
machine based on a revolutionary new concept:
The bread dough is kneaded with two kneading pegs and is hence worked better.
Some machine programs provide two different levels for the baking of large or small quantities of
The bread baking machine offers 10 pre-installed programs with 31 different setting options. There
is a com-pletely new program with which you can either just bake a fresh loaf of bread or to brown
one that has alrea-dy been baked.
You can even schedule the bread baking machine, i.e. you can preprogram a program up to 13
hours in advance.
The appliance is completely automatic and extremely user-friendly. It kneads the dough in two different
directions thus providing for excellent mixing.
Safety Instructions
Read all the instructions in the manual and follow them carefully
1. Do not touch any of the appliance’s hot surfaces. Use oven cloths! The bread baking machine is
very hot after baking.
2. Never dip the connection cable or the appliance in water or any other liquid.
3. Keep your eye on the appliance when children are around Unplug the appliance if it is not being
used and before cleaning it. Before removing single parts of the appliance let it cool down.
4. Never use the appliance with a defective connection cable, after malfunctions or if the appliance
happens to be damaged in any way whatsoever! In these cases have the Customer Service check
and repair it if neces-sary. Never try to repair it yourself. The warranty is void in this latter case.
5. The use of accessories not recommended by the manufacturer can cause damage. Use the
appliance exclu-sively for the envisaged purpose.
6. Lay the appliance firmly on the counter to avoid that it falls off during the kneading of a thick dough.
This is especially important when using the preprogram function and the appliance is not being
watched. In the case of extremely smooth counters the appliance should be placed on a thin rubber
mat to avoid any risk of falling.
7. The bread baking machine must be kept at a distance of at least 10 cm form other objects when it
is working. The appliance can be used only indoors.
8. Make sure that the power cable does not touch any hot surface and that is does not hang over a
table edge thus avoiding, for example, that children may grab it.
9. Never place the appliance either on or near a gas or electrical stovetop or a hot even.
10. Pay great attention when handling the appliance especially when it is full of hot
11. Never remove the baking tin while the appliance is still working.
12. When baking white bread, never fill the baking tin more than maximum level should this happen,
the bread will not be baked evenly and the dough way overflow. Please follow our instructions.
13. Metal foils or other materials must not be put inside the appliance as these may cause a fire or a
short circuit!

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