Alcatel One Touch 668

Alcatel One Touch 668 mode d'emploi

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    Your mobile ..............
    1.1 Keys
    Navigation key
    Confirm an option (press the middle of the key)
    Activate music player (press and hold the middle of
    Scroll widget bar (press the right or left of the key)
    Pick up
    Send a call
    In idle screen:
    Access call log (Redial) (press)
    Activate fake call (press and hold)
    During MP3 Playing:
    Switch between Headset and speaker (press and
    Switch on/Switch off the telephone (press and
    End call
    Return to idle screen
    Left softkey
    Right softkey
    Access your voicemail (press and hold)
    In Edit mode:
    - Press: access the language list
    - Press and hold: enter zero
    In Edit mode:
    - Press: change input methods
    - Press and hold: access the Symbols table
    In idle screen:
    - Press: #
    - Press and hold: activate/deactivate the vibrate
    In Edit mode:
    - Press:
    1.2 Main screen icons
    Battery charge level
    Vibrate alert: your phone vibrates, but does not ring or
    Bluetooth status (Activated).
    Bluetooth status (Connected to an audio device).
    Headset connected.
    Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded.
    Alarm or appointments programmed.
    Level of network reception.
    Getting started .........
    2.1 Set-up
    Removing and installing the back cover
    Removing and installing the battery
    Inserting and removing the SIM card
    Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it
    into its housing. Make sure that it is correctly inserted. To
    remove the card, press it and slide it out.
    This product meets applicable national
    SAR limits of 2.0 W/kg. The specific
    maximum SAR values can be found on
    page 22 of this user guide.
    When carrying the product or using it
    while worn on your body, either use an
    approved accessory such as a holster or
    otherwise maintain a distance of 1.5 cm
    from the body to ensure compliance with
    RF exposure requirements. Note that
    the product may be transmitting even if
    you are not making a phone call.
    Charging the battery
    Connect the battery charger to your phone and mains socket
    The charging may take about 20 minutes to start if the
    battery is flat.
    Be careful not to force the plug into the socket.
    Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before
    connecting the charger.
    The mains socket must be near to the phone and easily
    accessible (avoid electric extension cables).
    When using your telephone for the first time, charge the
    battery fully (approximately 3 hours). You are advised to
    fully charge the battery (
    To reduce power consumption and energy waste, when
    battery is fully charged, disconnect your charger from the
    plug; switch off Bluetooth when not in use; reduce the
    backlight time, etc.
    The charge is complete when the animation stops.
    2.2 Power on your phone
    Hold down the
    key until the phone powers on.
    2.3 Power off your phone
    Hold down the
    key from the main screen.
    Web .....................
    Not only does Web give you the full Web experience where
    you stay in touch with your friends, obtain information, do your
    online banking etc., but it is also designed to save time by using
    compressed web pages.
    Media ...................
    7.1 Music
    Access this feature from the main menu by selecting “Music”.
    You will have full flexibility of managing music both on your
    mobile and memory card.
    7.2 Video
    My videos” album contains video clips recorded, received or
    7.3 Radio
    Your phone is equipped with a radio
    with RDS functionality.
    You can use the application as a traditional radio with saved
    channels or with parallel visual information related to the radio
    program on the display if you tune to stations that offer Visual
    Radio service. You can listen to it while running other
    Quick Start Guide
    For more information about how to use the phone, please go
    to to download complete user
    manual (English version only). Moreover, from the website
    you can also consult FAQ (English version only).
    Prolonged exposure to music at full volume on the
    music player may damage the listener's hearing. Set
    your phone volume safely. Use only headphones
    recommended by TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates.
    The icons and illustrations in this guide are provided for information
    purposes only.
    Contacts .............
    4.1 Consulting your contacts
    To access the contacts from the main screen, press the
    key and select the
    icon from the menu.
    4.2 Adding a contact
    Select the directory in which you wish to add contact, press
    the "Options" softkey, select "Add contact".
    Messaging ...........
    5.1 Create message
    From the main menu select "Messaging" to create text/
    multimedia message. You can type a message and you can also
    modify a predefined message in Templates or customise
    your message by adding pictures, sounds, videos, etc (only
    available while editing a MMS). While writing a message, select
    "Options" to access all the messaging options. You can save
    your messages that you send often to Draft or Templates
    (MMS only).
    Specific letters (accent) will increase the size of the
    SMS, this may cause multiple SMS to be sent to
    your recipient.
    Calls ..........................
    3.1 Making a call
    Dial the desired number then press the
    key to place the
    call. If you make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits
    by pressing the right softkey.
    To hang up the call, press the
    Making an emergency call
    If your phone is covered by the network, dial emergency
    number and press the
    key to make an emergency call. This
    works even without a SIM card and without typing the PIN
    3.2 Calling your voicemail
    To access your voicemail, hold down the
    3.3 Receiving a call
    When you receive an incoming call, press the
    key to talk
    and then hang up using the
    3.4 Available functions during the call
    During a call, you can use your directory, your calendar, short
    messages, etc. without losing your correspondent.
    Contact your network operator to check service availability.
    Voicemail message arrived.
    Missed calls.
    Radio is on.
    WAP alerts
    SIM card missing.
    GPRS connection status (Activated).
    GPRS connecting.
    Sending a MMS.
    MMS receiving.
    Silence mode: your phone does not ring, beep or vibrate
    with the exception of the alarm.
    SMS unread.
    MMS unread.
    Flight mode.
    Depending on your network operator.
    My files ................
    You will have access to all audio and visual files stored in phone
    or memory card in File manager. You can access a number of
    items with this option: My audios, My images, My videos,
    My creations, Other files, Phone, Memory card and
    Memory status.
    Inserting the memory card:
    To release the microSD card holder, slide it in the direction of
    the arrow and lift it. Then insert the microSD card with the
    golden contact downward. Finally, turn down the microSD
    holder and slide it in the opposite direction to lock it.
    Camera ...............
    Your mobile phone is fitted with a camera for taking photos and
    shooting videos that you can use in different ways:
    store them in your “ My files”.
    send them in a multimedia message (MMS) to a mobile
    phone or an email address.
    send them directly by Email or Bluetooth.
    customise your main screen.
    select them as incoming call image to a contact in your
    Settings ...............
    From the main menu, select the menu icon and select the
    function of your choice in order to customise your telephone:
    Profiles, Phone settings, Call settings, Security, Network,
    Connectivity, Restore default.
    Tools ....................
    11.1 Alarm
    Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze
    11.2 Calculator
    Enter a number, select the type of operation to be performed,
    and enter the second number, then press “=” to display the
    11.3 Calendar
    Once you enter this menu from the main menu, there is a
    monthly-view calendar for you to keep track of important
    meetings, appointments, etc. Days with events entered will be
    11.4 Bluetooth™
    Access this feature by pressing to enter the main menu, then
    selecting “Tools\Bluetooth”.
    11.5 Notes
    You can create a note in text or voice format by accessing
    Tools\Notes” from the main menu.
    11.6 Black list
    All the callers in the black list will be automatically blocked
    when this mode is on. You are allowed to add 20 contacts to
    the list from the Contacts or to add the unwanted numbers
    11.7 Stopwatch
    The stopwatch is a simple application for measuring time with
    the possibility to register several results and suspend/resume
    11.8 World clock
    The World clock shows current local time and the time zone in
    different cities.
    11.9 Convertor
    Unit converter and Currency converter.
    11.10 Fake call
    This program enables you to call yourself by simulating a caller
    number/name, ringtone, contact photo at a scheduled time. It
    helps you to politely escape from social situations at any time
    you wish. This call can be rejected by
    Settings Predefine settings of Caller name/number, Call
    time, Ringtone, Image (Contact photo) or by
    pressing and holding the
    key in the idle
    Activate Activate a fake call by " Tools\Fake call\
    Activate". The call will then be made at the
    predetermined time.
    11.11 Call log
    You can access your call memory by pressing from the idle
    screen, and you will see Outgoing call(s), Missed call(s) and
    Answered call(s).
    11.12 Wap
    Access Wap options: Homepage, Bookmarks, Recent
    pages, Offline pages, Go to URL, Service inbox,
    The quality of the radio depends on the coverage of the radio station in
    that particular area.
    Applications ......
    12.1 News
    It is a huge time saver providing news updates from a website in
    a simple form. Once subscribed to a channel, it gives you the
    ability to track and manage all your favourite RSS content on
    your mobile phone at anytime, anywhere!
    12.2 Email
    Your phone has an email client with the settings predefined for a
    few popular email services like – GoogleMail, Windows live,
    Yahoo, AOL, etc. Besides this, you can set up other POP3 or
    IMAP4 email accounts that you may be using.
    12.3 Weather
    Your phone is equipped with a weather function for consulting
    up to 3-day forecasts of favourite cities.
    12.4 Facebook
    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and
    others who work, study and live around them. It provides a
    number of features with which users interact, such as Wall,
    Pokes, etc.
    To open an account online, please go to: http://m.facebook.
    Left softkey
    Pick up/Send call
    Call log
    Activate fake call
    (press and hold)
    (press and hold)
    Right softkey
    Switch on/Switch off
    End call
    Vibration alert
    (press and hold)
    Navigation key:
    Menu/Confirm an option
    if widget bar is hide:
    Sub display: Show time, miss
    call/voicemail, new messaging,
    charging etc.
    English - CJB25A0ALAAA
    12.5 mTweet
    Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that
    has gained notability and popularity worldwide. This feature
    enables phone users to exchange news updates and ideas with
    a community in the form of messages or posts. Posts are
    displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the
    author's subscribers or followers.
    To open an account online, please go to: http://m.twitter.
    12.6 Game
    Your ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phone may include some
    12.7 Java
    Your ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phone may include
    Java™ applications and games. You can also download new
    applications and games to your phone.
    12.7.1 Java applications
    Select “Java applications” to launch applications.
    12.7.2 Java settings
    This menu allows you to manage Java settings, in which you
    may set Audio, Backlight, Vibration and Heap size.
    12.7.3 Java network
    This menu allows you to select the network for Java.
    Depending on your network operator.
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Spécifications du One Touch 668 de la marque Alcatel

Détendez-vous et profitez d’images d’une clarté cristalline avec la qualité vibrante de 2 millions de pixels. La résolut...
Marque Alcatel
Modèle One Touch 668
Produit smartphone
EAN 6955089889326, 6955089889333, 6955089889340
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier PDF
Taille de l'écran 1.77 "
Résolution de l'écran 128 x 160 pixels
Écran tactile Non
Nombre de couleurs affichées 262144 couleurs
Écran externe Oui
Support Carte Flash Oui
Cartes mémoire compatibles MicroSD (TransFlash)
Mémoire interne 2 Mo
Taille maximale de la carte mémoire 8 Go
Caméra arrière Oui
Résolution de la caméra arrière (numerique) 2 MP
Wifi Non
Données du réseau GSM
Bande 2G (1ère carte SIM) 900,1800 MHz
Capacité de la carte SIM SIM unique
Transmition des données
Bluetooth Oui
Modèle du Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Profils Bluetooth A2DP
Port USB Oui
Connecteur USB Micro-USB A
Version USB 2.0
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Oui
E-mail Oui
Email protocoles IMAP4,POP
Messagerie Instantanée (IM) Oui
Appel vidéo -
Radio FM Oui
Type de sonnerie MP3
Lecteur de musique Oui
Enregistrement vocal Oui
Codecs vocaux AMR,EFR,FR,HR
Formats audio pris en charge MP3
Technologie batterie Lithium
Capacité de la batterie 650 mAh
Temps de rechargement de la batterie 2.5 h
Temps de parole (2G) 6 h
Délai d'attente (2G) 400 h
Poids et dimensions
Poids 76 g
Largeur 46 mm
Profondeur 92.5 mm
Hauteur 17.2 mm
Détails techniques
Type d'inscription Sans forfait
Couleur du produit Violet
Type Téléphone numérique
Caractéristiques du téléphone
Format Clapet
Gestion des informations personnelles (PIM) Alarm clock,Calculator,Calendar,Converter,Recorder
Technologie Java Oui
Capacité du répertoire 1000 entrées
Performances GPS
GPS (satellite) Non
Lieu de position Non
Contenu de l'emballage
Casque audio inclus Oui

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