AmpliVox SB601R

AmpliVox SB601R mode d'emploi

    · Battery: First charge battery before using. Unfold the plug on the S1402 battery
    pack (A) and plug into AC outlet (110V-240V). Battery will reach full charge in
    approximately 2 hours. LED light on top of battery pack (B) will change from
    red when charging, to green when fully charged. There is no memory effect
    with this battery pack so you can recharge whenever you feel like it!
    · Operating Capacity and Standby Time: A fully charged battery will provide 8
    hours of typical operation, defined as speaking 35% of the time at mid volume,
    and over one year of standby / idle time.
    · Cycle Life: Lithium-ion battery pack can be expected to provide 80% of its
    rated capacity after 300 charge / discharge cycles and 60% after 500 cycles.
    Storing, transporting or using the battery pack at temperatures exceeding
    115° F / 45° C or -4° F / - 20° C will substantially reduce the cycle life of the
    battery pack.
    · Install Battery: Locate battery compartment latch on top of megaphone
    (C). Open megaphone and insert battery into compartment (D) with led pointing
    up. Plug cord into the two pin connector located to the lower left of battery open-
    ing inside (E). Close megaphone. Do not pinch cord when closing.
    · Battery Status: The megaphone has 3 LED's LOW, MID, HIGH, (F) that will
    tell you the current strength of the battery. Note: A drained battery will not give
    sufficient sound volume. Recharge the battery when LOW LED lights when trig-
    ger is squeezed.
    · Talk: Make sure that the switch (G) is in the Off / Talk position. Place mouth
    about one inch from microphone (H), squeeze trigger (I) and speak. To increase
    volume, rotate volume control (J) left to right.
    When you have a freshly charged battery you may get "feedback" when talking.
    To eliminate feedback you need to turn down the gain. Locate the gain control
    (K) in the battery compartment. Turn until you do not hear any feedback. Less
    gain, turn counter clockwise. More gain, turn clockwise.
    · Siren: To activate Siren, move switch (G) to the right. Siren will be heard. There
    is no control of the volume.
    · Whistle: To activate Whistle, move switch (G) to the left. Whistle will be heard.
    There is no control of the volume.
    · Property Label: Located on the bottom of the bell. Use marking pen to write
    ownership name on megaphone.
    Thank you for purchasing
    AmpliVox SB601R MITY- MEG 15 Watt MEGAPHONE
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    systems, and lecterns.
AmpliVox SB601R

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Spécifications du SB601R de la marque AmpliVox

Marque AmpliVox
Modèle SB601R
Produit Mégaphone
EAN 734680060176
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier PDF
Détails techniques
Puissance de sortie 15
Convient pour Extérieure
Modes Megaphone Parole
Portée maximale 823
Couleur du produit Red, White
Poids et dimensions
Diamètre 177.8
Longueur du produit 304.8
Poids 907.19
Type de source d'alimentation Batterie

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