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    Instructions for the Baiklov G1W Dash Camera- January 4, 2014
    Updated now and then. Last update Sept. 3, 2014
    These instructions are my work and NOT the work of Baiklov. I have corresponded via
    email with a technical support person who signs as “Baiklov” located in China near
    Hong Kong. Comments and corrections may be sent to: Herb
    You have made a good choice to buy the G1W Baiklov multi-function Dash Camera. It
    is an excellent product and will provide great pictures and, as a Dash Camera, protect
    you from legal actions.
    The camera has three general modes of operation, as a video camera, as a still camera
    and as a playback device. The camera is primarily designed to be a video camera. The
    camera can be used for only 3-5 minutes after being unplugged from power. In the case
    of an accident you can take videos of damage or other important scenes while
    disconnected from power. (The battery is small to make the unit light.)
    Power Sources
    The G1W can obtain power from 3 different sources. (1) Plugged into the automotive
    power source (12 volts) using the converter that is supplied with the G1W. (2) Plugged
    into a USB port (5 volts) on a computer. When connected, the camera will function only
    as a Mass Storage device (hard drive) or as a camera for the PC. The mass storage
    option allows you to watch the videos on your computer screen, copy files to the
    computer hard drive and delete files no longer needed. The camera works for Skype but
    the microphone does NOT work when connected through a USB port. (3) Plugged into
    an external power supply with the correct mini USB connector. When powered with an
    external power supply all functions are available and it is possible to experiment and
    take videos and photos indefinitely.
    A red LED will show when the camera is initially plugged into any power source. The
    red LED will flash when the battery is charging. When the camera is turned off, the red
    LED will go out.
    The Baiklov G1W has many options to make your videos and photo as useful as
    possible. All settings are made using the six (6) buttons on the camera described below.
    POWER: top > right side > left button - ON(Press-blue LED is ON)/ OFF(Long press-
    blue LED is OFF)
    MENU: top > right side > right button - selects menus when NOT recording. Recording
    must be off. Check to see the timer is not changing and the red LED is not
    flashing. The LED can be solid on. There are three mode menus, Video, Still,
    Playback. There is a Tools menu that is common to all three. The MENU button
    cycles between Options>Tools>Screen
    REC: right face > top button - Starts/Stops recording or Pauses Playback Also acts as
    Enter for menus
    MODE: right face > bottom button - Switches modes video(the movie camera), still(the
    camera icon) or playback(the film strip icon) and opens and closes menu
    UP: left face > top button - Scrolls menu selections, Zoom In (recording), decreases
    Playback speed or reverses playback
    DOWN: left face > bottom button - Scrolls menu selections, Zoom Out (recording),
    increases Playback speed
    RESET: On the right side. Small hole. Straightened paper clip works well.
    HDMI: On the right side. Used to connect to other video displays. No sound through

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