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    ʋ Notes on laundry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
    ʋ Important Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
    ʋ Overview of programmes . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
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    ʋ What to do if ... / After-sales service . . . 12
    ʋ Safety instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
    ... and adapt to individual requirements
    Never start the dryer if it is damaged.
    Inform your after-sales service.
    Inspecting the
    Sorting and loading laundry
    Remove all items from pockets.
    Check for cigarette lighters.
    The drum must be empty prior to loading.
    See programme overview on page 7.
    Your new dryer
    Intended use
    Preparation Installation a page 8
    Selecting and adjusting the programme
    Select the drying programme ...
    Press the (start) button
    Make sure your hands are dry.
    Hold the plug only.
    Connecting the
    mains plug
    All buttons are sensitive and only
    need to be touched lightly.
    ʋ For domestic use only.
    ʋ Only to be used for drying fabrics that have been
    washed with water.
    Do not leave children unsupervised near the dryer.
    Keep pets away from the dryer.
    The dryer can be operated by children 8 years old
    and older, by persons with reduced physical,
    sensory or mental abilities and by persons with
    insufficient experience or knowledge if they are
    supervised or have been instructed in its use by
    a responsible adult.
    Condensation container with filter
    Control panel
    Air inlet
    fluff filter
    End of programme as soon as the " (AntiCrease/End) indicator lamp
    lights up.
    Interrupt programme Adding or removing laundry.
    The drying operation can be interrupted briefly to add or remove laundry. However, it must then be
    continued until it has finished.
    1. Open the door. The drying process is interrupted.
    2. Add or remove laundry then close the door.
    3. If required, select a new programme and additional functions.
    4. Press the
    (start) button. The remaining time is updated after a few minutes.
    Only use the dryer with the fluff filter
    Emptying condensation
    Empty the container after each drying cycle, not during drying.
    1. Remove the condensation container and hold it level.
    2. Pour out the condensation.
    3. Always push container in fully until it clicks into place.
    If the nü(Container) indicator lamp flashes despite the container having
    been emptied a Filter in condensation container, page 9.
    Cleaning the fluff filter
    The fluff filter consists of two parts.
    Clean the inner fluff filter after every drying cycle.
    1. Open the door. Remove fluff from the door/door area.
    2. Pull out the inner fluff filter and open it out.
    3. Remove the fluff (by wiping the filter with your hand).
    If the fluff filter is heavily soiled or blocked, rinse it under
    running water and dry thoroughly.
    Clean the outer fluff filter after every 5 drying cycles:
    4. Remove the outer fluff filter.
    5. Open it and remove any fluff.
    Rinse under running water and dry thoroughly.
    6. Close and re-insert the fluff filter.
    Switching off the dryer
    Turn the programme selector to 0 (Off).
    Do not leave laundry in the dryer.
    Removing the laundry
    Your dryer is equipped with an automatic reduced ironing function. The drum is moved at specific time
    intervals for 60 minutes once the programme has ended. The laundry stays loose and fluffy (or
    120 minutes if the additional S (Less ironing) function is selected).
    Congratulations - you have chosen to buy a modern, high-quality Bosch
    domestic appliance.
    The condensation dryer with heat exchanger and automatic cleaning
    function is outstanding in terms of efficient energy consumption and low
    maintenance requirements a page 6.
    Every dryer which leaves our factory is carefully checked to ensure that
    it functions correctly and is in perfect condition.
    Should you have any questions, our after-sales service will be pleased to
    Environmentally-responsible disposal
    Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-responsible manner.
    This appliance is designated according to European directive
    2002/96/EC which governs waste electrical and electronic
    equipment - WEEE).
    The directive provides an EU-wide framework for the return and recycling
    of used appliances.
    For further information about our products, accessories, spare parts and
    services, please visit:
    Do not pull out/empty the
    condensation container when drying is in progress.
    Drum interior
    light (depending
    on model)
    Important Information
    Your dryer is designed to be particularly energy efficient. Its technical features include a
    refrigeration circuit, which uses energy efficiently in a similar way to a refrigerator.
    The dryer's heat exchanger is cleaned automatically during drying.
    The fluff filters and filter in the condensation container must be cleaned regularly.
    Never operate the dryer without the fluff filters and/or condensation container with filter.
    Fluff filters
    During drying, fluff and hair from the laundry is trapped by the fluff filter. Blocked fluff filters
    may impair the heat exchange process.
    The fluff filters must therefore be cleaned after every drying cycle. Rinse regularly under
    running water a page 4.
    Filter in the condensation container
    The filter in the condensation container cleans the condensation. This condensation is
    required for the automatic cleaning process. The filter should be cleaned regularly under
    running water. Empty the condensation container before cleaning the filter a page 4/9.
    Do not dry any fabrics that have come into contact with solvents, oil, wax, grease or paint:
    e.g. hair styling products, nail varnish remover, stain remover, cleaning solvent. etc.
    Empty all pockets.
    Do not dry non-breathable fabrics.
    Avoid drying items that produce a lot of fluff.
    Woollens should be refreshed only, using the woollens programme.
    Information on laundry ...
    Labelling of fabrics
    Follow the manufacturer's care information.
    ( Dry at normal temperature.
    'cDry at low temperature a in addition, select V (Low heat).
    )cDo not machine dry.
    Always observe the safety instructions on page 13.
    Do not tumble-dry the following fabrics, for example:
    Non-breathable fabrics (e.g. rubber-coated).
    Delicate materials (silk, curtains made from synthetic material) a these may crease.
    Oil-stained laundry.
    Drying tips
    To ensure an even result, sort the laundry by fabric type and drying programme.
    Always dry very small fabrics (e.g. baby socks) together with
    large items of laundry (e.g. towels).
    Close zips, hooks and eyelets, and button up covers.
    Tie fabric belts, apron strings, etc. together
    Do not over-dry easy-care laundry a Risk of creasing.
    Allow laundry to finish drying in the air.
    Do not dry woollens in the dryer. They may, however, be refreshed a page 7
    O Wooll finish programme.
    Do not iron laundry immediately after drying; fold items up and leave for a while a residual
    moisture will then be distributed evenly.
    Knitted fabrics (e.g. T-shirts, jerseys) often shrink slightly the first time they are tumble-dried.
    aDo not use the +
    : Cupboard Dry plus programme.
    The drying of starched laundry should be limited. a Starch leaves behind a coating that
    impairs drying.
    When washing laundry that is to be tumble-dried afterwards, use the correct amount of
    fabric softener as specified in the manufacturer's instructions.
    For pre-dried, multi-layered fabrics or small, individual items of laundry, use the Timed
    programme. Also suitable for subsequent drying.
    Environmental protection/energy-saving tips
    Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine a the higher the spin
    speed, the shorter the drying time will be, thus less energy is consumed. Also spin easy-
    care laundry.
    Use the maximum recommended capacity, but do not exceed it
    a Programme overview page 7.
    Make sure the room is well ventilated during drying.
    Do not cover or seal the air inlet.
    Select On/Off for buzzer at the end of the programme. ˎ & (Signal)
    Reduced temperature for delicate fabrics ' that require a longer
    drying time; e.g. polyacrylics, polyamide, elastane, acetate silk.
    ˎ V (Low heat)
    Reduces creasing and prolongs the 'reduced ironing' phase after
    the programme has finished.
    ˎ S (Less ironing)
    H + " drying, iron dry, cupboard dry, anti-crease /end
    n (Container)
    Empty the condensation container.
    Clean the filter in the condensation container if necessary a page 9.
    . (Filter)
    Rinse the fluff filters under running water a page 4.
    Programme selector
    h:min End of programme after 1-24 hours (button may need to be pressed
    several times) can always be set to the nearest full hour.
    Cln Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger.
    Additional functions
    Read these instructions and the separate
    Energy-saving mode instructions before
    switching on the dryer.
    Observe the safety instructions on page 13.
    Programme overview see also page 5 .
    After drying, laundry is to be ...
    Work clothing
    dressing gowns
    Bed linen
    Table linen
    Terry towels
    Tea towels/
    lightly ironed
    not ironed
    F Cottons
    max. 7 kg
    Suitable for cottons, coloureds and linens.
    Iron Dry ÷@ * * * * * * * *
    + Cupboard Dry @ * * * * *
    +: Cupboard Dry plus @
    * * * * * *
    I Easy-Care
    max. 3.5 kg For non-iron laundry made of synthetic fibres and mixed fabric, cotton.
    Iron Dry c÷@c * * * * * *
    + Cupboard Dry @ * *
    +: Cupboard Dry plus @ * * *
    A Super Quick 40
    max. 2 kg
    For laundry made of synthetic fibres, cotton or blended fabrics (for example) that needs to be dried quickly. The values may dif-
    fer from the those specified depending on the type of fabric, composition of the laundry to be dried, residual moisture in the
    fabric and size of the load.
    Z Sportswear
    max. 1.5 kg
    For fabrics with a membrane coating, water-repellent fabrics, functional clothing, fleece fabrics (dry removable internal lining
    from jackets/trousers separately).
    W Downs programme
    max. 2 kg
    Garments with down feather fillings, pillows and blankets. By non quilt loads-please add just 1 piece per drying.
    O Wool finish
    max. 3 kg
    For woollen fabrics suitable for washing machines. Fabrics become fluffier but not dry.
    Remove fabrics once the programme has ended and allow to dry.
    Timed progr. 30 min
    max. 3 kg
    For pre-dried, multi-layered fabrics or small, individual items of laundry.
    Also for subsequent drying.
    9210 / 9000813187
    Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
    Carl-Wery-Str. 34
    81739 München/Deutschland
Bosch WTW84360SN

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Spécifications du WTW84360SN de la marque Bosch

A signifie que le produit est le mieux noté dans sa catégorie en termes d’efficacité énergétique. Le système d’étiquetag...
Marque Bosch
Modèle WTW84360SN
Produit Sèche linge
EAN 4242002628431
Langue Engels
Type de fichier PDF
Classe d'efficacité énergétique A
Tension d'entrée AC 220 - 240 V
Fréquence d'entrée AC 50 Hz
Charge connectée 1000 W
Intensité du courant 10 A
Placement de l'appareil Autoportante
Type de chargement Charge avant
Système de séchage Pompe à chaleur
Longueur du câble 1.45 m
Emplacement charnière de porte Droite
Volume du tambour 112 L
Matériau du tambour Acier inoxydable
Couleur du produit Blanc
Écran integré Oui
représentation / réalisation
Cycle anti-froissement 120 min
Niveau sonore 65 dB
Fonction anti-plis Oui
Vitesse d'essorage minimale 800 tr/min
Vitesse d'essorage maximale 1400 tr/min
Capacité du tambour 7 kg
Départ différé 24 h
Minuterie, départ différé Oui
Indication du temps restant Oui
Détails techniques
La consommation d'énergie (placard coton sec) 1.9 kWh
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 598 mm
Profondeur 625 mm
Hauteur 842 mm
Poids 55000 g
Programmes de séchage
Programme de séchage sport Oui
Programme séchage laine Oui
Programme de séchage rapide Oui

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