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Command Toolbar

P-touch Editor Lite

Property Toolbar

Creating Labels

Creating a mixed

1-row/2-row label

containing a symbol

Labels with

consecutive numbering

Select the tape size and enter the de-sired text. Insert a few spaces, then click the
button.Enter the desired text and press the ENTER key. Enter the desired text on the second row.Click Symbol under . Select the symbol that you want to enter from the displayed dialog box.Click the Print button.Select the tape size and enter the de-sired text. Select the text for which you want to con gure numbering.Click Numbering on the context menu.Click to the right of the Print button and click Print Options.Check the Numbering box and enter the number of labels being printed in
the Count eld. Click the Print button.
Icon Function
Displays the New screen for creating a new label.
Opens a saved le with P-touch Editor Lite.
Saves the data to your PC, etc, but not to the labeler.
Inserts a new text box (convenient when creating labels containing
both single and multiple lines of text).
Inserts an image onto your label.
From le: Inserts an image stored on your PC.
Screen capture: Inserts the selected area of the PC screen as a
Symbol: Inserts one of your PC’s built-in symbols.
Inserts a frame.
Displays the menu.
The menu includes all P-touch Editor Lite functionality.
Minimizes P-touch Editor Lite.
Exits P-touch Editor Lite.
Other Functions (available on the menu displayed by right-clicking the mouse)
Label View
Display Function Display Function
This label view is displayed when the software is
started. The width of tape currently set is displayed
on the left of label image. When “Auto” is shown on
the right, the length of tape is automatically adjusted
to the length of text.
Inserted text boxes, images, and frames are treated
as objects. Objects are surrounded by handles (indi-
cated by eight blue points).
You can drag the label border to manually change
the length and width of the label. Move the pointer to
the label area’s border. When the blue line appears,
drag to the desired length or width.
Indicates that an object is selected.
You can adjust the size of the P-touch Editor Lite
window. Simply move the pointer over an edge of
the P-touch Editor Lite window and drag to adjust
the size once the pointer changes to an arrow.
The pointer changes to an arrow when moved over
a handle. You can change the size of the object by
Guidelines are sometimes displayed when moving
objects. They are shown when the object is aligned
at the left, right, top, or bottom edge of Printable
area, or in the center. In the illustration to the left, the
guidelines indicate that the object is centered at the
top edge of the tape.
You can move objects by dragging when the pointer
is a crosshair. For text objects, the pointer only
changes to a crosshair over the border of the object.
Menu Do this
Click Undo to undo the last operation.
Click Redo to redo an undone operation.
Select the text area (or object) that you want to cut or copy and select Cut or Copy. Click in the destination
area and select Paste.
Margins Set the length of blank space on both sides of the label (large or small).
Click Insert.
Select Text box to insert text onto the label.
Select From File to insert an image stored on your PC.
Select Screen Capture to insert the selected area of the PC screen.
Select Symbol to insert one of your PC’s built-in symbols.
Select Frame to insert one of P-touch Editor Lite built-in frames.
Direction Select the object text and click either Horizontal Text or Vertical Text to change the direction of the label.
Select the number or letter within your text and click Numbering to consecutively advance the number or let-
ter on each label.
Change Image Select the image and click Change Image to replace the current image with a different image.
Rotate Rotate objects to 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°.
Select one of the objects and click Order, then select Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, or
Send Backward to set the order of each object in the layer.
Click Options.
Select either mm (mm) or inches (in) to set the measurement unit setting and option for numbering printing.
Select either Display New Value after Printing or Reset to Original Value after Printing to set the number-
ing option.
Brother Solutions Center
Click Brother Solutions Center to go to the web site for assistance, information or downloading P-touch Edi-
tor 5.0.
Click About to learn about the P-touch Editor Lite version.
Click Exit to exit P-touch Editor Lite.
Icon Function
Click to change the font.
Click to specify the font size.
You can adjust the font size up or down one level by clicking
or .
Speci es the font style:
Bold Italic Underline
Speci es the alignment of text in a text box.
Sets the width of the tape. Click to automatically detect the width of the
inserted tape.
Sets the length of the label. Click to automatically adjust the length of the
label to accommodate the entered text.
Sets/cancels the label direction to vertical.
Click to set the zoom factor for the Label View.
You can also change the zoom factor by clicking
or .
Click to print normally or to print with options.
Mirror Printing: Prints a mirror image of the label.
Cut Mark: Prints cut marks to easily mark where labels should be manually cut when
printing a strip of labels or setting tape margin to none.
Copies: Prints multiple copies of a label.



Speci cations
Problem Solution
After exiting P-touch Editor
Lite, how do I restart the
program while the machine
is still on?
There are three ways to restart. Perform any of the followings.
Turn off the P-touch labeler and then turn it back on.
Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable while the labeler is on.
Launch P-touch Editor Lite from My Computer.
The LED is ashing.
This is an error message.
Please press the Power/feed button to clear the error message.
If the LED remains ashing after performing the above, please contact Brother Customer Service for further assistance.
I cannot turn the P-touch
labeler on.
Check to see that the batteries are installed correctly, or that the recommended power adapter is securely connected.
I cannot exit P-touch Editor
Check to see if an error message is displayed, and try to resolve. Please note that the software cannot be exited while labels are being printed.
A blank horizontal line ap-
pears through the printed
Streaks or poor quality characters on printed labels generally indicate that the print head is dirty. Clean the print head using a cotton swab.
* Do not touch the print head directly with your bare hands.
The label is dif cult to cut.
Clean the cutter blade using a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
* Do not touch the cutter blade directry with your bare hands.
System Requirements PC
Item Speci cation
Microsoft Windows
2000 Professional/XP/Windows Vista
128MB minimum (Windows Vista - 512MB minimum)
Interface USB Port (USB Spec. 1.1 or 2.0 protocol)
Graphics Card SVGA
Item Speci cation
Dimension 2.1"(W)×6.2"(D)×4.4"(H)
Weight 0.88lb (without batteries and tape cassette)
Power supply Six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or optional AC adapter (AD-24)
USB port
USB mini B type
Accessories (Supplies may differ by distribution)
If the cutter blade becomes blunt after repetitive use and the tape cannot be cut cleanly, replace it with a new cutter unit (stock no. TC-5) by obtaining from an authorized Brother reseller.Do not touch the cutter blade directly with your bare hands.CAUTIONAccessories Stock No.
Tape cassette
Brother TZ tape (width) : 9/64", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
For details, see the included “Supplies and Accessories Guide”.
AC Adapter AD-24Cutter Unit TC-5 (replacement)Should you encounter any problems with your product, please do not return your product to the store!After referring to the User’s guide, if you still need assistance, call Brother Customer Service at : Voice:1-877-4-PTOUCH Fax:1-901-379-1210If you need to locate a service center, please call 1-800-284-HELP or visit us at

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Spécifications du PT-1230PC de la marque Brother

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Marque Brother
Modèle PT-1230PC
Produit Imprimante d'étiquettes
EAN 4977766660013, 4977766660037
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)
Vitesse d'impression
Couleur Non
Résolution maximale 180 x 180 DPI
Vitesse d'impression (mesure métrique) 10 mm/sec
Interfaces standards USB
Quantité de ports USB 1.1 1
Technologie de connectivité Avec fil &sans fil
Configuration minimale du système
Systèmes d'exploitation compatibles Windows 2000 Professional/XP/Vista
Autres caractéristiques
Dimensions (LxPxH) 53 x 158 x 112 mm
Poids et dimensions
Poids 400 g
Gestion du papier
Largeur de papier supportée 3.5, 6, 9, 12 mm
Type de batterie AA
Technologie batterie Alcaline
Nombre de batteries prises en charge 6
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