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Caliber MCD-263
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mode d'emploiCaliber MCD-263

MCD 263


Short press Long press Short press Long press Short press Long press
1 Power

Audio menu

Menu (system)
Panel release
6 Eject
9 Mode Mode Mode
10 Display
11 Equalizer
12 AMS (PS) AMS (AS)
13 Loud X Band
14 Seek down Tune down Track down Fast backward
15 Seek up Tune up Track up

Fast forward

16 PTY
18 TA
19 M1 Memory 1 Play/Pause
20 M2 Memory 2 Scan
21 M3 Memory 3 Repeat
22 M4 Memory 4 Shuffle
23 M5 Memory 5 Folder down
24 M6 Memory 6 Folder up
Note! Do not operate the unit while driving.


Panel release
Power function to activate or deactivate the unit.

Tune up/down

Folder down/up In MP3 mode press this button to go up or down one folder
Seek up/down

Fast forward/backward



Rotary volume
Menu (system)
Audio menu




Band selection allows you to select different reception bands, f.i. FM1, FM2 and FM3
Long press to reinforce the bass output
3,5mm AUX in Jack

Description of the functions

Rotary volume
Use a non-metallic pointed object to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The unit will be set to factory default

To connect an external audio system

Reset (behind panel)
When inserting a USB stick the unit will switch to USB mode. (Max 1000 tracks)
Remove the frontpanel to insert SD card. When inserting a SD card the unit will switch to SD mode. (Max 4GB card, max 1000 tracks)

Long press to fast forward to the CD, USB or SD

SD card input
USB input

Track down/up


3,5mm AUX in Jack

REG stands for Regional program operation. Long press REG will allow traffic announcement from strong stations to come through. Long
press REG again will allow all received traffic announcement to interupt CD play or radio listening
TA stands for Traffic announcement which means that it will give you information about the traffic (if broadcasted) no matter what mode you
are in (CD,USB, etc.) it will automatically interrupt the cd and give the information, after that it automatically switches back to the selected

In MP3 mode press this button to go up or down one track

The mode button allows you to go from one source (f.i. CD) to another source (f.i. Tuner) by pushing the button as many times as needed
AS stands for Autostore; in tuner mode it will automatically store the 6 strongest stations (M1-M6). Note: all previous stored stations are lost
This knob allows you to adjust the volume from minimum to maximum level. NOTE high sound levels may cause damage to your ears
PS stands for Preset stations this means that when you push this button in tuner mode it will automatically switches to the first preset (M1) if
you push again it will go to the next and so on
Shuffle will play all the songs random. Available in CD, USB and SD mode
Repeat will play a selected song or album continuously. Available in CD, USB and SD mode
The PTY function allows you to search for stations with a particular program type like NEWS group and POP group both of these groups are
divided in different subjects. PTY "POP", pop/rock, easy/light, classics/others, jazz/country, nation/oldies. PTY "NEWS", news/info,
sport/educatie, culture/science, weather/finance, social/religion
Scan will play 10 seconds of each song on the CD, USB or SD. If the preferred song is playing, push again and it will play that song
The Audio menu button gives you the possibility to adjust your sound system with the following options Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader.
These options can be used to fine tune your sound
Hold button for 2 seconds to open the menu. Press repeatedly to view menu items TA - PI - Retune - MASK - Beep
This button allows you in CD, USB or SD mode to play or to pause the music
Short press to move to the next station automatically

Long press to move the radio frequency number up/down step by step.

The Equalizer button allows you to select your desired audio mode. Press repeatedly to view modes FLAT - CLASSICS - POP M - ROCK M -
These are the preset stations where you can store your favorite radio stations if in tuner mode
Push this button to release the frontpanel
Disc slot
LCD Display
USB port
AF stands for Alternative frequencies; the tuner will return to alternative frequencies whenever the reception signal is getting worseAF

Push this button to eject the CD out of the unit

Mode d'emploi

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Abbbamonte • 28-3-2021 Pas de commentaire

Mon RDC 263 Caliber est vieux et certains boutons sont cassés. Est ce possible de le changer en en rachetant un nouveau du même modèle ?

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GIGAUT.DANIEL • 17-5-2019 Pas de commentaire

Bonjour , je viens d acheter un camping car avec un Cliber MCD 263 , et je vois presque rien à l écran , peut augmenter la luminosité du tableau merci CDT

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Langue Français, Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)

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