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Wireless Meat Thermometer 44-1794 Model A550
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
and then save it for future reference. We reserve theright for
any errors in text or images and any necessary changes made
to technicaldata. In theevent of technical problems or other
queries, please contact our Customer Services.


Do not immerse theproduct in liquid.
Never expose thebatteries to rain, moisture, sand or
excessive temperatures.
Never place theproduct close to items filled with water or
other liquids.
Never place theproduct close to lighted candles.

Product description

1. [ ALERT/STOP ] Alarm/stop button
2. Guard for probetip
3. Batterycover
4. Magnets
5. Outlet 1
6. Outlet 2
7. Temperature probe 1
8. Temperature probe 2
9. Battery compartment
10. [ PAIR ] Pair button
11. [ RESET ] Reset button
12. [ ON/OFF ] Power button

Getting started

Inserting thebatteries

1. Open thebattery compartment and insert 2×AAA/LR03
batteries. Observe thepolarity markings in thebattery
2. Refit thebatterycover.

Installing theGrill Smart app on your mobilephone

1. Search for theGrill Smartapp.
2. Select and install theapp on yourphone.


1. Themeat thermometer needs to be paired with theapp.
2. Check that Bluetooth is activated on your mobilephone.
3. Start theapp.
4. Turn themeat thermometer on by pressing [ ON/OFF ].
5. Press [ PAIR ] on themeat thermometer. TheID of thedevice
will show on theapp,e.g. “9223”. Select “GS_9223” to
enter theapp.

Operating instructions

1. Insert thetemperature probe/s into thefood and plug it/
them into themeat thermometer.
2. Place thefood into theoven/cooking pot and place themeat
thermometer on thework surface next to theoven/cookingpot.


Themeat thermometer has multiple modes, including
temperature display, timer and historymode. Fordetails of
further settings refer to theguide on theapp.

Care and maintenance

Clean theproduct with asoft, dampcloth. Neveruse solvents
or abrasive cleaning agents.

Responsible disposal

6. Thetemperature
is displayed on
7. Select which of
theprobes is to be
used by touching
your screen,
then advance to
settings to set other
parameters such as
atarget temperature.
This symbol indicates that this product should not
be disposed of with general householdwaste.
Thisapplies throughout theentire EU. Inorder
to prevent any harm to theenvironment or
health hazards caused by incorrect waste
disposal, theproduct must be handed in for
recycling so that thematerial can be disposed
of in aresponsible manner. Whenrecycling your
product, take it to your local collection facility
or contact theplace of purchase. Theywill
ensure that theproduct is disposed of in
anenvironmentally sound manner.


Measuringrange 0–250°C
Batteries 2×AAA/LR03 (sold separately)
For mobile phones with Bluetooth version 4.0
Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, iPad and
Smart Ready-mobiles with
Android version 4.3 orlater
Range Up to 30 metres

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