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    Index to the Parts and ControlsTable of Contents
    Safety Instructions
    CD Operation
    Cares of Disc
    Trouble shooting
    CD Door
    Function Selector
    LED Display
    Rotary Antenna
    Band Selector
    Handle discs by their outer edges and /or the center spindle holes to prevent
    fingerprints and scratches.
    Do not bend or press the disc. Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or heating
    To remove stains or fingerprints from the surface of a disc, use a soft, lint-free,
    and dry cloth. Wipe in straight movements from the center of the disc to the
    outside. Do not use any chemical products, as they can damage the disc.
    Do not write on or attach labels to the surface of the disc.
    To minimize exposure to dust and dirt. Replace discs in their cases after use.
    Store each disc in its case, out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
    Trouble shooting
    Should your player develop a problem, please check below before requesting service.
    * Check if the power cord has been properly connected to
    the power outlet.
    * Be sure to select a sound source.
    (CD, AM/FM etc.)
    * Unplug the main unit, and then
    reconnect it. This allows the unit to reset itself after a
    power surge or power interruption.
    * Increase the volume.
    * Disconnect any headphones.
    * No disc. Load a disc.
    * Disc has been loaded upside down. Place the disc with
    the label side up.
    * Disc is damaged or dirty. Clean the disc or try another
    * Moisture may be condensed inside the player. Remove
    the disc and leave the unit power on for one or two
    * Disc is incorrect type for the player.
    * You may be in an area of weak signal coverage.
    Symptom Check and Action
    System does not
    function at all
    No sound
    CD does
    not play
    Radio does
    not work
    . The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended
    to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the
    product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute risk of electric
    shock to persons.
    . The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the
    presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
    literature accompanying the product.
    FCC NOTICE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B
    digital device. Pursuant with the FCC Rules, Part15. These limits are designed to
    provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential
    This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy. And if
    not installed and used in accordance with the instruction may cause harmful
    interference to radio communication.
    The CD mechanism and the sensitive circuitry may cause interference to a radio tuner nearby.
    Do not operate this unit while operating other radio devices.
    DANGER This product utilizes invisible laser radiation.
    Avoid direct exposure to the beam.
    CAUSION Use of controls, adjustments or procedures not listed in this manual may result in
    hazardous radiation exposure.
    Only compact discs identified with this mark can be used with
    this player.
    Always operate the product from a power supply of the same voltage, frequency and rating as
    indicated on the product identification plate.
    Do not operate product with a damaged cord or plug.
    Never install the unit where there are heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, direct
    sunlight, excessive dust or where there is mechanical vibration or shock.
    Switch off and unplug from AC outlet when not in use.
    Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
    C OMPA C T
    Portable CD Player with AM/FM Stereo Tuner
    Please read this manual before connection and use.
    INDEX TO THE PARTS AND CONTROLS.................................................................................1
    POWER SUPPLY/CONNECTING TO A HEADPHONE.............................................................2
    CD OPERATION/RADIO OPERATION.......................................................................................3
    CARES OF DISC/SPECIFICATION........................................................................................... ..4
    TROUBLE SHOOTING.................................................................................................................5
    Frequency Dial
    LED Panel
    Tuning Control
    Volume Control
    FM ST.
    AC Socket
    1. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button once to start playing. The current playing track number
    appears on the LED panel. The "PLAY" LED indicator is lit during playback.
    2. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button twice to stop playing temporarily during playback.
    The current track number is flashing while pausing.
    3. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button again to resume normal playback.
    4. Press the STOP button to stop playing.
    NOTE: To remove disc from CD player, always press STOP and wait for complete stop.
    REPEAT mode
    1. Press the REPEAT button once to repeat playing the current track only, and the
    REPEAT LED keeps ON.
    2. Press the REPEAT button twice to repeat all tracks, and the REPEAT LED will be
    3. Press the REPEAT button once more to quit the REPEAT mode.
    TRACKING mode
    1. To go back to the beginning of current track, press the button once.
    2. To go back to the previous tracks, press the button repeatedly.
    3. To go to the next track, press the button once or repeatedly to play your desired track.
    1. Press the RANDOM button once to start playing the disc in a random order.
    The segments of the " " on the LED window will also be lit in a random order.
    2. To cancel the random play, press the RANDOM button again.
    1. Press the PROGRAM button at stop mode. The "PLAY" LED will be flashing.
    2. Press the or button to select the desired track number, and then press PROGRAM
    to confirm.
    3. Repeat step 2 to set up to 15 tracks. (The programmed # shown on LED is from "1" to
    "9" and "A" to "F").
    4. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to start playing the programmed tracks.
    5. To cancel the program play, press the STOP button.
    1. Slide the Function Selector switch to radio.
    2. Select AM, FM or FM ST by sliding the Band Selector switch to corresponding position.
    FM ST is for FM stereo reception. The "FM ST" LED indicator will be lit as receiving a
    FM radio station.
    3. Tune the desired station by turning the Tuning Control.
    4. Adjust the volume with Volume Control as desired.
    5. Extend Telescopic Antenna and adjust the direction and angle to obtain the optimum
    6. Set the Function Switch to the OFF position to stop radio.
    Radio Operation
    Power Supply: 110V~60Hz/220V~50Hz dual voltage
    Applicable disc: CD/CD-R
    Power Consumption: 4.2W
    Output Power: 1W x2
    Speaker: 8 OHM
    Dimensions: 210(L) x143.5 (H) x220 (W) mm (main unit)
    Weight: 1650g (main unit)
    Frequency Range: AM: 530KHz - 1700KHz
    FM: 88MHz - 108MHz
    CD Player
    Laser Wavelength: 760 ~ 800 nm
    Tracking Method: 3-spot error detection/3.86 mm lens
    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    Slide the Function Selector to the CD position and insert a CD disc.
    4. To fast backward/fast forward through the disc, press and hold the button.
    Power Supply
    1. Using AC power
    Before connecting the AC power cord, please make sure to select the proper power
    supply between 110V and 220V with the Power Selector on the bottom of the unit.
    Insert one end of the AC power cord into the AC socket on the rear of the unit and
    the other end into a standard wall socket.
    2. Using batteries
    Insert 6 x "C" size batteries (not included) in the battery compartment on the bottom
    of the unit by matching the polarities.
    The unit will not operate on battery power when the AC power cord is plugged into
    the AC socket.
    Replace batteries when the power indicator dims, the volume decreases or the sound
    Use batteries of high quality and check them regularly. Alkaline batteries are
    Do not mix new batteries with old or used batteries.
    Use only batteries of the same brand and type.
    Batteries should not be left in the unit if they are exhausted or if the unit is not to be
    used for a long period of time as they may leak and damage the unit. Battery leakage
    is not covered under the warranty.
    You can use headphones with 3.5mm diameter stereo plug and an impedance of 32
    Ohms. When the headphones are connected, the speakers are disconnected auto-
    Set the VOLUME to a low level before using headphones and gradually adjust the
    volume control to the comfortable listening level.
    Do not play the VOLUME too loud for extended periods of time to avoid any damage
    to your hearing.
    Bottom View
    Power Selector
    Connecting to a Headphone
Coby CXCD241

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Spécifications du CXCD241 de la marque Coby

Marque Coby
Modèle CXCD241
Produit système Hifi
EAN 763615837248
Langue Engels
Type de fichier PDF
Puissance évaluée de RMS - W
Type d'écouteurs 2-voies
Nombre de haut-parleurs 2
Bass reflex Non
Karaoké Non
Platine à cassette Non
Lecteur de disque optique Oui
Couleur du produit Argent
Type Système micro audio domestique
représentation / réalisation
Lecture de MP3 Non
Lecteur de cartes mémoires intégré Non
Type de bandes supportées AM,FM
Type d'écran LCD
Autres caractéristiques
Compatibilité d'accueil Apple Non pris en charge
Enregistrement vidéo Non
Entrée DC Oui
Source d'alimentation AC/Batterie
Tension d'entrée 110-230 V
Nombre de batteries prises en charge 6
Type de batterie C
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 209.55 mm
Profondeur 215.9 mm
Hauteur 139.7 mm
Dimensions du colis (LxPxH) 238.76 x 250.95 x 174.75 mm
Contenu de l'emballage
Câbles inclus Secteur
Antenne AM Oui
Antenne FM Oui

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