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This product is DIS compatible.
You have chosen a piece of fitness equipment by DOMYOS. We thank you for your confidence in us. We have created the DOMYOS
brand to provide a way for all athletes to stay in shape. This product has been designed by athletes for athletes. We would be pleased
to receive your comments and suggestions concerning DOMYOS products. Therefore, your store team is ready to listen, as is
the DOMYOS products design department. You can also find us at We wish you successful training and hope
that you will enjoy using this DOMYOS product.
This product is a new-generation fi tness device. It is equipped with a magnetic resistance system for optimal, silent and smooth pedalling
comfort. This product combines the circular movements of cycling, the horizontal movements of running and the vertical movements of
stepping. The elliptical movement of your legs combined with arm movements develops your buttock muscles, quadriceps, calves, back
muscles, pectorals and biceps. The elliptical bike is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. The elliptical device helps you to tone
your legs, buttocks and upper body (chest, back and arms). Your calf muscles and lower abs are also involved in the workout.
You can concentrate work on your buttocks by pedalling backwards. Training on this apparatus will increase your cardiovascular
capacity. This will help to improve your physical fi tness and your endurance, and you will also burn calories (a necessary
step in losing weight, in conjunction with a diet).


To reduce the risk of serious injury, please read the following
important user precautions before using the product.
1. Read all the instructions in this manual before using the product.
Only use this product in the manner described in this manual.
Keep this manual for the entire life of the product
2. The owner is responsible for ensuring that all users of this product are
properly informed as to how to use this product safely
3. DOMYOS cannot be held liable for claims of injury or damage sustai-
ned by any person or property originating from the use or misuse of
this product by the purchaser or by any other person. Do not use this
product in a commercial, rental, or institutional setting.
This device complies with European standards (standard CE, stan-
dards (EN-957-1 and EN 957-9 category HA) concerning fi tness
equipment in domestic, non-therapeutic use (equivalent to GB17498).
Do not use this product in a commercial, rental, or institutional setting.
5. Use the product indoors on a fl at surface in a dry, dust-free uncluttered
6. Ensure that you have enough space to access and move around the
device safely. Do not store or use this product outdoors.
7. It is the user’s responsibility to inspect and if necessary tighten all parts
before using the product.
8. Immediately replace any worn or defective parts.
9. Any assembly or disassembly of the product should be carried out
with care.
10. Do not modify your product
11. If your product deteriorates, do not use it any longer and take it to
your Decathlon store.
12. Do not store this product in a damp place (e.g. edge of a pool,
bathroom etc.)
13. For its protection, cover the fl oor under the product with a suitable
oor mat, available in Decathlon stores.
14. Never allow more than one person to use the product at any one
15. Keep your hands and feet away from moving parts
16. Keep your back straight while exercising.
17. Put your hair up so that it does not get in the way during exercise
18. DO NOT wear loose or baggy clothing, since it may get caught in
the machine.
19. Always hold the fi xed handlebars while climbing onto or off the
20. Keep children and pets away from the product at all times
21. There are many factors that may affect the precision of the readout
from the pulse sensor; it is not a medical device..
22. TIt is designed merely to help you determine your approximate heart
23. WARNING! Heart rate monitoring systems may be inaccurate. Over
exercise may result in serious injury or death. If you feel faint or any
pain, stop exercising immediately.
Medical warning
24. People wearing a pace maker, a defi brillator, or any other electronic
implant are advised that they use the pulse sensor at their own risk.
25. Before the fi rst use, a test exercise under the supervision of a doctor
is thus recommended.
26. Pregnant women are advised not to use the pulse sensor.
27. Before any use consult your doctor.
28. As you fi nish your workout, gradually reduce your pedalling speed
until the pedals come to a complete stop.
Maximum user weight: 130kg – 287lbs.


Getting into shape must be done in a CONTROLLED manner. Before beginning any exercise program, consult your doctor.
CThis is especially important for people aged over 35 or who have previously had health problems,
and those who have not done any sport for a number of years. Read all instructions before use.


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