EK Water Blocks EK-RAM Monarch X4

EK Water Blocks EK-RAM Monarch X4 mode d'emploi

  • All disclosures, notices and warranty conditions are being written on the back of the box. Revision 1.1. Released on 22
    of April, 2013.
    Installation manual for EK-RAM Monarch series water block
    This product is intended for installation only by expert users. Please consult with a qualified technician for installation. Improper installation may result in damage to your equipment. EK Water Blocks assumes no liability
    whatsoever, expressed or implied, for the use of these products, nor their installation. The following instructions are subject to change without notice. Please visit our web site at www.ekwb.com for updates. Before
    installation of this product please read important notice, disclosure and warranty conditions printed on the back of the box.
    Before you start using this product please follow these basic guidelines:
    1. Please carefully read the manual before through before beginning with the installation process!
    2. Please remove your motherboard from the computer to assure safest mounting process in order to prevent any possible damages to your CPU and/or motherboard’s circuit board (PCB).
    3. The EK High Flow and EK-PSC type fittings require only a small amount of force to screw them firmly in place since the liquid seal is ensured by the rubber o-ring gaskets.
    4. The use of corrosion inhibiting coolants is always recommended for any liquid cooling system.
    STEP 1: GENERAL INFORMATION. Sample picture of Corsair® Dominator® GT memory module
    Using the encased allen key please remove all three encircled screws in order to remove the factory
    installed aluminum heatsink fins. All heatsink assembly screws should be removed. Keep the two
    out of three original 3-32 screws (of each memory module) as you will need them later.
    Carefully detach the original stock cooler after removing all screws
    securing it to the board. Wipe off the remains (by using nonabrasive cloth
    , as shown on sample photo) of the original thermal compound until
    the components and circuit board are completely clean. EKWB
    recommends the use of denatured alcohol for removing TIM leftovers.
    Please install all (two or four depending on your water block
    variant) of your Corsair® Dominator® GT memory modules into
    the motherboard DIMM slots, one at the time.
    During this process please make sure you align threaded holes on the
    memory modules with holes on the water block.
    By using 3-32 inch allen key screw in the original 3-32 screws provided with every Corsair®
    Dominator® memory module. EKWB recommends start screwing the other most screws and
    continue inwards. Do not tighten the screw completely until you have aligned all memory modules
    as straight as possible.
    Allen key 2.35
    (3-32 inch)
    Re-install the original 6-32
    threaded hex screws using
    enclosed Allen (hex) key 2.35mm
EK Water Blocks EK-RAM Monarch X4

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