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ENGL E600 Ironball Combo
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Engl E600 Ironball Combo

1 Input: ¼" unbalanced input jack. Plug your guitar in here using a shielded cord.
2 Clean Gain: The Clean Gain control knob determines the preamp's input sensitivity and amplitude when the Clean Channel is
3 Lead Gain: Gain control for the Lead Channel. This Control knob determines input sensitivity when the Lead is active. Use it to dial in
the desired amount of preamp saturation level.
CAUTION: Extremely high gain and volume levels in Lead mode can produce powerful feedback. Avoid feedback squeals; they
can lead to hearing loss and damage speakers! At higher volumes, back off the Gain and Treble levels in order to
prevent unchecked feedback!
4 Bass: Bottom end voicing control of the preamps´s passive EQ.
5 Middle: Mid-range voicing control of the preamps´s passive EQ.
6 Treble: Upper range voicing control of the preamps´s passive EQ.
7 Presence: Power amp Presence knob. This knob determines the power amp's high frequency response and affects both
8 Lead Volume: Volume control for the Lead channel (pre-FX loop, influences the Send level).
The red LED above the channel switching selector (11) indicates Lead operating mode.
Use this knob to dial in the desired balance of levels between the Lead and Clean channels.
9 Master: This master volume knob controls the power amp's output (it is located post FX Loop). M.V.B. (Master Volume Boost): This
feature increases the master volume level, giving you instant access to two different volume levels for different musical situations,
for instance, one for rhythm parts and the other for lead lines.
You can control this feature via a footswitch connected to port 16.
10 Gain Boost: Use this switch to increase the Clean and Lead channels' amplitude. The red LED above the switch lights up to
indicate Gain Boost is engaged. You can also control Gain Boost remotely via a footswitch connected to port 17.
A tip from the designer: Engaging Gain Boost in the Clean channel slightly increases the gain level and subtly changes the
frequency response. This brings out the middle frequencies and conjures a more assertive tone for throaty riffs and gritty lead lines.
Activating Gain Boost in the Lead channel kicks up the gain level considerably, saturating the preamp to give you more
sustain for playing leads.
11 Lead/Clean: Channel selector switch for Clean and Lead modes, red LED indicate Lead mode; This function can also be activated via
the respective footswitch connected to jack 17.
Once a footpedal is connected, the channel selector switch is deactivated.
12 Stand By: Power amp standby switch: Use this switch to silence ("down" position) the amp when you take a break. The amp's
tubes stay warm, which means that it is ready to roll immediately when you switch it back to full power. The standby switch is also
well-suited for muting the amp for brief breaks, for instance when you're switching guitars.
13 Power: AC power on/off.
Please note: ensure that the Stand By switch (12) is set to Stand By ("down" position) before you switch the amp on. Let the tubes
heat up for about 30 seconds before you activate the power amp. This procedure spares the tubes.
Red LED indicate Power mode
CAUTION: After an extended period of operation and higher ambient temperatures the amps's chassis can become very hot,
therefore avoid touching the rear panel surface and the upper surface of the housing
Technical Data Engl E600 Ironball Combo
Rated power: approx. 20 watts (max.) at 8 or 16 ohms;
Input sensitvity level Input Clean channel -40 dB to approx. -5 dB max.;
Input sensitivity FX Return: -20 dB, approx. 0 dB max.;
Output level FX Send, level range: -10 dB to approx. 0 dB peak;
Balanced Line Output: 0 dB peak;
Headphones Poweramp: 2 x 0.1 Watts at 8 Ohms, impedance 8-32 ohm
Tubes: 4x ECC83 (12AX7) 2x EL84 (6BQ5)
mains fuse at 100 / 110 / 120 mains Voltage 0.8 ATL (T: slo-blo)
mains fuse at 220 / 230 /240 mains Voltage 0.4 ATL (T: slo-blo)
Power Tube Fuses (internal on main PCB) 2x 0,08AM (M: medium blow)
Power Consumption: approx 80 watts max.;
Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 25 cm (B x H x T)
Weight: approx 19kg

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