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mode d'emploiEventide Blackhole
Blackhole Reference Guide for Firmware v1.0+| Eventide Part# 141328 Rev C
Eventide and Blackhole are registered trademarks of Eventide Inc. © 2020 Eventide Inc.
Device Manager Software
Available from Eventide’s website for Mac & PC
- Update Pedal Firmware - Backup/Restore entire device to a file
- Restore Factory Settings - Edit System Settings
- Import/Export Presets - View, edit, and organize Presets
Download: eventideaudio.com/edm
Restore Factory Settings: Boot pressing ACTIVE Footswitch & ACTIVE Button
Software Update: Boot pressing FREEZE Button & FREEZE Footswitch
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Quick Reference Guide

Turn Right - Normal decay
Turn Left - Inverse decay
Boost/Cut > 2,000 Hz
Dry/Wet Mix
Preset LED Ladder
Boost/Cut < 350 Hz
Size of the imagined
reverb space
Preset Mode: Load Preset
LED lit when ACTIVE
Press to toggle action of
ACTIVE Footswitch
LED OFF = Preset Increment
(blinks when frozen)
Press & hold to Save Preset
Press & hold to toggle between
Preset Select & FREEZE On/Off
Toggles Primary/Secondary
Parameter Control
LED ON = Secondary
LED OFF = Primary
Infinite decay
Freeze - dry signal passes as set by Mix

Presets - 5 On Board, 127 Via MIDI

NOTE: Save Mode times out after a few seconds.
Pressing either Footswitch exits Save Mode.
Load Presets Save Presets
The currently loaded preset is indicated on the Preset LED Ladder. When a preset is modified the Preset LED
blinks once.
When a Preset is loaded or when toggling between Parameters using , Knob positions will not align with their
current Parameter values. As a result, turning a knob will likely cause an abrupt change in the sound.
With Catch Up ON, the sound does not change until the Knob is moved to the position corresponding to the
current value. The LED Ladder indicates whether the knob must be turned CCW (top LED blinks) or CW (bottom
LED blinks). The LED flashes more rapidly as the knob approaches the value set by the Preset. All five LEDs blink
once when the knob matches the stored Parameter value.
NOTE: To enable/disable Catch Up Knob Function, power up in System Setup mode and press FREEZE
Footswitch to toggle ON/OFF.

Catch Up Knob Function

To select and load a Preset using Footswitches:
1. FREEZE Footswitch selects Preset 1 to 5.
Preset 1 (top LED) to Preset 5 (bottom LED)
2. ACTIVE Footswitch loads the Preset. LED stops
To save one of the 5 Presets using the Buttons:
1. Press & hold FREEZE Button
- Blinking Ladder and Button LEDs let you know
you have entered Save Mode.
2. FREEZE Button selects Preset 1 to Preset 5.
3. ACTIVE Button saves Preset
- LEDs stop blinking to let you know the Preset
is saved.
NOTE: To select Preset, FREEZE Footswitch must be
in Preset mode. If FREEZE LED is lit, press and hold
FREEZE Footswitch.

Mode d'emploi

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