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    Ver. 20130807
    A3 Laminator
    Art.no 34-1402 Model L303-A
    Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
    and save it for future reference. We reserve theright for any errors
    in text or images and any necessary changes made to technical
    data. If you have any questions regarding technical problems
    please contact our Customer Services.
    1. Safety
    • Unplug thelead before cleaning.
    • The laminator may not be used by children without
    thesupervision of anadult.
    • Do not insert any metal objects like paperclips, coins, etc. into
    • Do not insert anything other than lamination film into themachine.
    • Do not disassemble thelaminator or attempt to repair it
    yourself. Thelaminator must not be modified in anyway.
    • The laminator may produce aburnt odour when first used.
    Thisis completely normal.
    • Do not touch any of themachine’s hot surfaces. Burninjuries
    may result.
    • Never use thelaminator in humid environments or near
    sources of water, e.g sinks, taps, etc.
    • The mains lead should be checked regularly. Neveruse
    theproduct if themains lead or its plug is damaged or if
    theproduct is not functioning properly.
    • If themains lead is damaged, it must only be replaced by
    aqualified service technician in order to prevent any risk of fire
    or electric shock.
    • Never lay themains lead over hot surfaces or pull it round
    sharp edges or corners. Position themains lead in such away
    that it will not be trodden on or tripped over.
    2. Product description
    • Two rollers
    • Capacity: 250 mm/min 80–100 µm, maxA3
    • 3–4 min warm-uptime
    • Max. paper thickness: 0.5mm
    • Reverse feature for correcting misfeeds
    • Power output: 300W
    1. Film feedslot
    2. [ 0/1 ] Power switch
    3. POWER Red LED indicator
    4. READY Green LED indicator
    5. [ ABS ] Reverse function
    6. Output chute
    3. Operation
    Make sure thepower switch (2) is set to 0 before plugging it into
    awall socket.
    1. Plugit into awall socket and set thepower switch (2) to
    theIposition. Thered LED (3) will light to indicate that
    thewarm-up phase hasbegun.
    2. Thegreen LED will light after about 3–4 minutes indicating
    that thelaminator is ready for use. Makesure that there is
    sufficient room behind themachine to allow thelamination to
    exit themachine freely.
    3. Flipopen thelamination film and insert thepaper to be
    laminated. Allowat least 3–10 mm clearance at thesealed
    edge when inserting. Makesure thepaper is not crooked.
    4. Feedthesealed end of thelamination film into thefeed
    slotfirst. Note: Thisis very important; otherwise,
    thelamination film can become caught in therollers.
    5. Lettheentire lamination exit freely. Donot pull it out with force.
    Letit cool before handling it. Placeaflat heavy object, like
    abook over thelaminate while cooling if you want your results
    to be extra smooth andflat.
    6. Setthepower switch to 0 and unplug thelaminator when you
    have finished usingit.
    • Selectthecorrect size of lamination film so that it fits
    theobject to be laminated.
    • Avoidplacing several small pieces of paper into asingle
    lamination sheet.
    • Remember that thelaminate’s total thickness may not
    • Donot feed in empty lamination film.
    • Donot cut thelamination film into smaller pieces before
    feeding it through themachine.
    • Donot feed thefilm into themachine at anangle.
    Itcanbecome caught in themachine during
    • Useonly lamination film. Nevertry to feed in any other typeof
    • Ifyou intend to laminate in series, remember themachine
    needs to rest at least 15 seconds between every lamination.
    • Donot feed in any material that is sensitive toheat.
    The laminator is intended for personal use only and should not be
    used continuously. Werecommend that you turn off themachine
    and let it cool down for approximately 30 minutes after two
    minutes ofuse.
    Reverse feature for correcting misfeeds
    The machine has a feature which allows the laminate to be pulled
    out from the front. If the lamination film misfeeds or jams:
    1. Turn off the laminator immediately by turning the power switch
    to the 0 position and then unplug it.
    2. Hold in the [ABS] button and extract the laminate.
    4. Care and maintenance
    Unplug thelaminator from thewall socket and wipe it with
    asoft, damp cloth when needed. Neveruse strong detergents
    5. Disposal
    This product should be disposed of in accordance with local
    regulations. Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your
    6. Specifications
    Rated voltage 220–240 V AC, 50Hz
    Power 300 W, 1.4A
    Max lamination width 320mm
    Speed 250 mm/minute
    lamination film thickness 80–100 microns
    Dimensions 425×125×100mm
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Exibel L303-A

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Marque Exibel
Modèle L303-A
Produit Machine à laminer
Langue Anglais, Allemand, Suédois, Norvégien, Finlandais
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