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Thanks a lot for having chosen a Joycare bathroom scale. This is a useful tool in order to check your weight, whenever you want.
Max capacity: 150Kg
Graduation: 100 g
Tempered glass platform
4 Strain Gauge accuracy sensors
LCD display
Kg/lb/st selection
Power supply: 1 lithium battery CR2032 (3V) included
Open the battery compartment under the scale. Remove the isolating tag and close the battery compartment. Select the weight unit kg/lb/st by the key placed
near the battery compartment. Put the scale on a hard, flat surface (avoiding carpets).The following scale turns on in response to pressure. .Step on the scale ;
the display show your weight. The scale will switch off automatically after few seconds.
To repeat the measurement
Step down the scale and wait for display showing 0.0 Kg; step on the scale again and measure your weight.
Attention: Stand still on the scale, distributing your weight evenly. Do not move.
Battery replacement
Open the battery case and insert 1 new battery paying attention to the polarity.
Please clean the unit with a damp and soft cloth avoiding any water seepage inside the scale. Do not use chemical detergents. Never deep the product into water.
Never step on the scale platform with wet foot. Do not store the scale in an upright position when not in use; this may cause battery exhaustion. Avoid shaking,
dropping or shocking the scale. This is a precision instrument and must be handled with care. Never try to repair the scale by yourself but always address to
specialised centres. On the contrary, the warranty will be not valid anymore. When the unit is not used for a long period of time, remove the battery, as matter
of fact its leaking can damage the appliance. As quality of batteries varies from brand to brand, the product warranty does not include damages to the product
caused by battery fluid leakage. When the scale is off, never place or lay any objects on its platform. Always
place and store the product away from heating sources, sunlight, dampness and sharp objects.
In case of problems
Check battery have been correctly fitted.
Check that you have selected the weigh unit.
Check whether the scale is on a flat, level floor and not touching against a wall.
Ensure whether you do not step on the scale until the display is turned off..
Low battery indicator
Whether the display shows “Lo” or it does not light up, batteries are flat. Please replace batteries.
Overload indicator
If “Err” is displayed, the scale has been overloaded (over 150 kg)
Use this product only for its intended purpose, as described in this instruction manual such as electronic bathroom scale for domestic use only.Any other use
should be considered improper and dangerous. Packaging components (plastic bags, cardboard, polystyrene etc.) must be kept out of the reach of children as
they have the potential to be dangerous and their disposal should be carried out according to the current regulations. These scales should not to be used to
weigh objects or substances in commercial transactions, to produce medicines, to calculate tolls, tariffs, taxes, premiums, fines, remunerations, indemnities or
fees of a similar kind determined by weight.
These scales are to be used for keeping one’s own personal weight under control, and are not to be used for diagnostic purposes or for medical treatment. Values
which may seem unusual or outside the norm should always be discussed with your doctor.
In order to avoid danger to the user of this device, the doses of any drug or therapy prescribed by one’s own doctor should in no circumstances be modified on
the basis of data calculated by this device. NB: to avoid possible injury, do not step on the edge of the platform.
This item is made in conformity with all the applicable European directives
The device (including its removable parts and accessories) must not be disposed of together with municipal waste at the end of its life, but in
compliance with European Directive 2002/96/EC. Since it must be handled separately from household waste, either carry it to a separately collected
waste disposal centre for electrical and electronic appliances or give it back to the retailer on purchasing a new device with the same purpose. Any
infringement will be severely prosecuted. Specifications and designs are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and subject
to change without notice.
The batteries used in this device must be disposed of in the special bins at the end of their life.


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Spécifications du JC-324 de la marque Joycare

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les spécifications du produit et les spécifications du manuel du Joycare JC-324.

Marque Joycare
Modèle JC-324
Produit Balance
EAN 8032953533245
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)
représentation / réalisation
Capacité de charge maximale 150 kg
Type Pèse-personne électronique
Coupure automatique de l'alimentation Oui
Fonction mémoire Non
Mesure du Body Mass Index (BMI) Non
Exactitude/Précision 100 g
Type de commande Senseur
Couleur du produit Noir
Type de surface extérieure (dessus) Verre
Écran LCD
Taille de l'écran d'affichage 70 x 30 mm
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 300 mm
Profondeur 300 mm
Hauteur 18 mm
Contenu de l'emballage
Manuel d'utilisation Oui
Piles fournies Oui
Technologie batterie Alcaline
Nombre de batteries prises en charge 1
Type de batterie CR2032
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