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    Position the tumble dryer so that the plug remains accessible after installation. Do not block the vent at
    the front or base of the dryer, as this will impair the working of the machine. This appliance must not be
    installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with hinges on the opposite side to that of the
    tumble dryer.
    Your tumble dryer will release warm, damp air in one of three ways.
    1) EXTENDABLE REAR VENTING - A long flexible vent hose is built into the dryer and can be
    extended from the large opening at the rear of the machine
    2) FIXED REAR VENTING - Venting is through the large opening at the bottom of the rear panel. A
    separate extendible vent hose can be attached if desired.
    3) FRONT VENTING - This is a special type of dryer which vents through a grille on the plinth. The
    opening on the rear panel is blanked off during manufacturing.
    Rear vented dryers can be used without a vent hose but not in a confined space. Rear vented machines
    must have a vent hose if they are installed under a work surface. To minimise condensation it is
    preferable to vent through a vent to outside. This may be through an open door or window. The best
    solution is to connect the vent hose to a permanent connection through a wall or a single glazed
    This is particularly recommended for small, cool rooms. A kit for this purpose is available as an
    accessory. Front venting machines must be converted to extendible rear venting before a permanent
    connection can be made to the outside.
    When using a vent hose, remember the following points:
    The vent hose must be at least 10cm (4 ins) in diameter.
    No more than three right-angled bends should be allowed when positioning the vent hose.
    Do not distort or constrict the vent hose as this will reduce the airflow.
    The vent hose must not be shared with other appliances, for example, a cooker hood outlet.


    Push the filter into its operating position as shown in
    the diagram. If you wish to change the side on which
    your door opens, see the instructions on the back
    page. Remove any dust by wiping the drum and door
    with a damp cloth. Any initial smell of burning will
    be caused by dust on the heater and will quickly
Kelvinator KTD60M

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