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05/04 1824

1. With soft sharp pencil, mark fi nal position of sink top,
by measurement, on the work top allowing for clear-
ance of cabinet frame work.
2. Place sink-top in correct position on worktop then
reverse front to rear, not end for end.
With sharp soft pencil
draw round sink as
accurately as possible
making sure that this
outline coincides with
nal position marked
3. Remove sink top and mark another line 20mm inside
the sink top outline, following the corner radii with
This is the cutting line for the aperture.
4. Drill as large a hole as possible inside the cutting
line. Using a pad saw, jig saw or similar, cut out the
aperture to the cutting line.
5. The sink should then be placed in the aperture
where it will rest on the T-Nuts. The T-Nuts should
be marked round carefully with a pencil making sure
that the sink is parallel to the worktop edge.
6. The sink is then removed and a 8mm hole is drilled
on the centre of each T-Nut position, countersunk
on the underside of the worktop and counterbored
from the top with a 10mm diameter drill 13mm deep
to accept the T-Nut.

Stainless Steel Inset Sinks with T-nut Fixing

7. The sinktop should then be placed in position to check
for fi nal fi tting.
8. Turn the sink upside down and fi ll the outer pe-
rimeter with a suitable sealing compound, (Bostik
Glazing Compound, Prestik Sealing Compound and
Arborseal have been found suitable). The sealing
compound should be suffi cient to fi ll the rim but any
excess should be pressed down with a warm knife so
that it is evenly spread around the sink perimeter.
9. Now fi t the sink to the worktop, fi rmly in position and
press down evenly if possible using heavyweights
around the perimeter. Enter the screws and screw
gently home. The weights will cause the sealing
compound to settle to the profi le of the sink perim-
eter, and the screws will need to be tightened slowly
and gently or distortion of the sink perimeter will
result from too great a local pressure. After one hour
remove the weights and dress off any surplus com-
pound from around the sink fl ange, with a wooden or
plastic spatula, taking care not to damage the plastic
10. After twenty-four hours, check the tightness of the
T-Nuts but do not over-tighten. If the fi xing screw bot-
toms because of over length, remove and hacksaw
12mm from end of thread, and refi t.

Recommended tightening sequence for sink

xing clips

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Marque Leisure
Modèle RD440BF
Produit Évier
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)
Type d'évier Evier à poser
Forme de l'évier Cercle
Matériau de l'évier Acier inoxydable
Couleur du produit Acier inoxydable
Nombre de bacs d'évier 1 bols
Forme à un seul bac Cercle
Dimensions du premier bol (LxL) 380 x 380 mm
Profondeur du premier bol 35 mm
Trou pour robinet Oui
Surface cannelée -
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 440 mm
Profondeur 440 mm
Robinet inclus Non
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