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Ages: 2 - 6 years
Please save sales receipt for proof of purchase.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Prior to assembly, this package contains small parts:
hardware which is a choking hazard and may contain
sharp edges and sharp points. Keep away from children
until assembled.
To prevent serious injury, children must not use the
equipment until properly installed.
Falls onto hard surfaces can result in head or other serious
injuries. Never place on concrete, asphalt, wood, packed
earth, grass or other hard surfaces. Carpet over hard oors
may not prevent injury. Always use protective surfacing
on the ground under and surrounding the playground
equipment according to the enclosed “Consumer
Information Sheet for Playground Surfacing Materials.”
Maximum fall height protection up to 2 feet (0.6 m)
Adult supervision required. Do not leave children
This product is intended for use by children ages
2 - 6 years.
Maximum weight per child: 50 lbs. (23 kg). Limit 1 child.
Shoes must be worn at all times.
This product is intended for indoor/outdoor domestic
family use only.
Observing the following statements and warnings reduces
the likelihood of serious or fatal injury.
Place this product on level ground and at least 6’6” (2 m)
away from any object. Objects to be avoided include, but
are not limited to, fences, buildings, overhead branches,
laundry lines or electrical wires.
It is recommended that the orientation of the assembled
product be such that direct sunlight is minimized on
surfaces intended for standing or sitting.
Instruct children on proper use of this product, only after
properly placed, and not in a manner other than intended.
Do not allow children to climb on product when product
is wet.
Instruct children not to attach items to the product that
are not specically designed for use with the product
such as, but not limited to, jump ropes, clotheslines,
pet leashes, cables and chains, as they may cause a
strangulation hazard.
Instruct children to remove their bike or other sports
helmet before playing on this product.
Dress children appropriately: do not allow children to
wear loose-tting clothing including ponchos, scarves
and garments with drawstrings. Well-tting shoes must be
worn at all times.
Warning. Only for domestic use.
Protect your eyes. Always wear safety glasses when using
a hammer.
Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious injury.
Failure to perform periodic checks could cause this product
to overturn or cause a fall.
The following checks should be performed at the beginning
and end of each season and twice monthly during the usage
Reinstall any plastic parts, such as swing seats or any
other items that were removed for the cold season.
Tighten all hardware.
Lubricate all metallic moving parts at the beginning of
the play season and twice per month during the play
Check all protective coverings on bolts, pipes, edges,
and corners. Replace if they are loose, cracked, or
Check all moving parts including swing seats, ropes,
cables, and chains for wear, rust, or other deterioration.
Replace if any of these conditions exist.
Check metal parts for rust. If found, sand and repaint
using a nonlead-based paint meeting the requirements
of 16 CFR 1303.
Rake and check depth of loose ll protective surfacing
materials to prevent compaction and to maintain
appropriate depth. Replace as necessary.
Take this product indoors or do not use when
temperatures fall below 0°F/-1C.
Disassemble and dispose of equipment in such a manner
that no hazardous conditions such as, but not limited to,
small parts and sharp edges exist at the time equipment is
United States:
1-800-321-0183 Monday - Friday
The Little Tikes Company
2180 Barlow Road
Hudson, OH 44236
United Kingdom:
Little Tikes
MGA Entertainment (UK) Ltd
50 Presley Way
Milton Keynes MK8 0ES
Bucks, UK
MINIMUM SIZE allowed is .2” high
Updated 12.2.11 per Paul Madan (new spacing)
Printed in U.S.A. D.R.©2013 The Little Tikes Company
© The Little Tikes Company, an MGA Entertainment company. LITTLE TIKES® is a trademark of Little Tikes
in the U.S. and other countries. All logos, names, characters, likenesses, images, slogans, and packaging
appearance are the property of Little Tikes. Please keep this address and packaging for reference since
it contains important information. Contents, including specications and colors, may vary from photos
depicted on package. Instructions included. Please remove all packaging including tags, ties & tacking
stitches before giving this product to a child.
The Little Tikes Company makes fun, high quality toys. We warrant to the original purchaser that this
product is free of defects in materials or workmanship for one year * from the date of purchase (dated
sales receipt is required for proof of purchase). At the sole election of The Little Tikes Company, the only
remedies available under this warranty will be either replacement of the defective part of the product
or refund the purchase price of the product. This warranty is valid only if the product has been assembled
and maintained per the instructions. This warranty does not cover abuse, accident, cosmetic issues such
as fading or scratches from normal wear, or any other cause not arising from defects in material and
workmanship. *The warranty period is three (3) months for daycare or commercial purchasers.
U.S.A and Canada: For warranty service or replacement part information, please visit our website at, call 1-800-321-0183 or write to: Consumer Service, The Little Tikes Company, 2180
Barlow Road, Hudson OH 44236, U.S.A. Some replacement parts may be available for purchase after
warranty expires—contact us for details.
Outside U.S.A and Canada: Contact place of purchase for warranty service. This warranty gives you
specic legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from country/state to country/state.
Some countries/states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages,
so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
Please keep this manual as it contains important information.


Ages : 2 - 6 ans
Prière de conserver le reçu comme preuve d’achat.
Conserver ces instructions à titre de référence.
Avant l’assemblage du produit, ce paquet contient des
petites pièces de matériel qui peuvent présenter un risque
d’étouement, et des bords et des arrondis tranchants.
Tenir hors de pore des enfants avant l’assemblage complet.
Pour prévenir des blessures graves, les enfants ne doivent
pas utiliser léquipement avant son installation complète.
Une chute sur une surface dure peut causer un
traumatisme crânien ou dautres blessures graves. Ne
placez jamais ce produit sur du béton, de lasphalte, du
Adult assembly required / Le montage devra être effectué par un adulte /Debe ser armado por un adulto
Capnut tool. Discard after use.
Chasse pour capuchon de vis. Jeter
après usage.
Dispositivo para tuerca tapón.
Desrtelo después de utilizarlo.
Tools required (not included)
Outils Requis (non compris)
Herramientas Requeridas (no incluidas)
Visit our website at
to register your product online and
to enter our sweepstakes.
(No purchase necessary)

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Little Tikes
Easy Store Large Slide | 170805
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Français, Anglais
Mode d’emploi (PDF)
Assemblage requisOui
Rangement facileOui
Couleur du produitPink, Purple
Age recommandé (min)2 an(s)
Type de produitPlayground slide
Informations sur l'emballage
Largeur du colis505.2 mm
Profondeur du colis336.8 mm
Hauteur du colis1486.2 mm
Poids du paquet11600 g
Volume de l'emballage252900 cm³
Données logistiques
Largeur du casier principal (externe)505.2 mm
Longueur du casier principal (externe)336.8 mm
Hauteur du casier principal (externe)1486.2 mm
Poids brut du casier principal (externe)11600 g
Volume du casier principal (externe)252900 cm³
Produits par conteneur multimodal (20ft)112 pièce(s)
Produits par conteneur multimodal (40ft)258 pièce(s)
Produits par conteneur multimodal (40ft, HC)263 pièce(s)
Poids et dimensions
Longueur de toboggan1.5 m
Largeur951 mm
Profondeur1585 mm
Hauteur1005.6 mm
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