Nissan Murano (2003)

Nissan Murano (2003) mode d'emploi

  • Foreword
    Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN
    owners. This vehicle is delivered to you with
    confidence. It was produced using the latest
    techniques and strict quality control.
    This manual was prepared to help you under-
    stand the operation and maintenance of your
    vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles of
    driving pleasure. Please read through this
    manual before operating your vehicle.
    A separate Warranty Information Booklet
    explains details about the warranties cov-
    ering your vehicle. The NISSAN Service
    and Maintenance Guide explains details
    about maintaining and servicing your ve-
    hicle. Additionally, a separate Customer
    Care/Lemon Law Booklet (U.S. only) will
    explain how to resolve any concerns you
    may have with your vehicle, as well as
    clarify your rights under your state’s lemon
    Your NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best.
    When you require any service or have any
    questions, he will be glad to assist you with the
    extensive resources available to him.
    Before driving your vehicle please read
    your Owner’s Manual carefully. This will
    ensure familiarity with controls and main-
    tenance requirements, assisting you in the
    safe operation of your vehicle.
    Follow these important driving rules to
    help ensure a safe and comfortable trip
    for you and your passengers!
    Never drive under the influence of
    alcohol or drugs.
    Always observe posted speed limits
    and never drive too fast for condi-
    Always use your seat belts. Refer to
    “Child safety” and “Child restraints”
    in the “Seats, restraints and supple-
    mental air bag systems” section for
    precautions regarding children.
    Always provide information about the
    proper use of vehicle safety features
    to all occupants of the vehicle.
    Always review this Owner’s Manual
    for important safety information.
    This vehicle should not be modified. Modi-
    fication could affect its performance,
    safety or durability, and may even violate
    governmental regulations. In addition,
    damage or performance problems result-
    ing from modification may not be covered
    under NISSAN warranties.
    This manual includes information for all
    options available on this model. There-
    fore, you may find some information that
    does not apply to your vehicle.
    All information, specifications and illustrations in
    this manual are those in effect at the time of
    printing. NISSAN reserves the right to change
    specifications or design at any time without
Nissan Murano (2003)

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Modèle Murano (2003)
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