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Dear CustomerThank you for purchasing this product.Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.RQT8183-BF0106EY0Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.Web Site:

Troubleshooting guide

Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points,
or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, consult your dealer for instructions.
Operating Instructions

Portable CD Player

HOLD (Function lock)
The hold function stops the buttons from being operated. By keeping the
hold function on, you can stop the power from being switched on, play
from being stopped and other operations from being done by mistake.
The unit and remote control each have independent HOLD switches.
Resume function
Play resumes from where last stopped. [The resume function is canceled
if you open the lid while stopped (while the power is ON). The resume
function is also canceled when the disc is changed.]
Extended play
You can get extended play time by inserting dry cell batteries into
the external battery case, attaching it to the main unit and using the
rechargeable and dry cell batteries together.
Discs that can be played
Commercially available
music CD (CD-DA)
WMA cannot
be played
HOLD is on, stopping buttons from being operated. Cancel HOLD
page 3)
You haven’t inserted a disc or it isn’t inserted correctly.
You have inserted a disc this unit cannot play.
OPEN The disc lid is open.
The batteries are recharging. Recharging is complete when this disappears.
The program already contains 20 tracks.
Reading MP3 files.


1 Pair of stereo earphones 1 Wired remote control 1 AC adaptor 1 External battery case 2 Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries:Recommended replacement rechargeable batteries: HHF-AZ01 (Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries)Use the part number “RFKFHFAZ01E2” when ordering from your Panasonic dealer.Always use the supplied or recommended replacement rechargeable batteries. Correct operation cannot be guaranteed if other rechargeable batteries are used. 1 Battery carrying case 1 Soft case 1 Power plug adaptorIf the power plug will not fit your socket, use the power plug adaptor. Check the packing carton for these accessories.

Supplied accessories

No play.
HOLD is on, stopping buttons from being operated.
Cancel HOLD (
page 3).
The batteries may be drained (
page 3).
The disc isn’t correctly set.
The disc is scratched or dirty. (Tracks may be skipped
particularly with MP3 discs.)
There is moisture on the lens. Wait for about an hour and then try again.
The lens is dirty: clean it with a blower (recommended product:
SZZP1038C). You cannot use a CD type lens cleaner. If the lens gets
marked with fingerprints, gently wipe them off with a cotton swab.
Remove the plug and reinsert it as fully as possible.
The unit may not read a track properly if shaken strongly during disc reading.
If there is no data between sessions on a multi-session
disc, play may not be possible.
If there is a large amount of JPEG data etc. within an MP3
file, sound may be muted and play may not be possible.
If the disc contains data with different formats, sound
may be muted and play may not be possible.
If a CD-ROM format disc contains MP3 and other files,
only the MP3 files will be playable.
No sound or there is
a lot of noise.
Ensure the plugs are inserted firmly.
Wipe the plugs with a clean cloth.
The disc is scratched or dirty.
Sound may be interrupted or noise may occur if the
recording quality of the disc (CD-R/CD-RW) is poor.
The elapsed playing time disappears and sound is
interrupted if bumps continue repeatedly.
Increase separation between the unit and mobile phones. This unit may
receive radio interference caused by the mobile phones during use
Disc rotation stops and
starts during play.
Disc rotation stops and starts to save power.
Operation sounds are
heard from the unit.
There is some sound heard when a disc is being accessed
or disc rotation starts.
Play doesn’t resume from
the last point stopped.
This doesn’t work during random play.
It may not work correctly under some conditions.
Play doesn’t start
from the first track.
Random play modes may be on (
page 4).
The resume function
is operating. The resume function is
canceled if you open the lid while stopped (while the power is ON).
Cannot specify point A or B.
You may not be able to specify point A or B at the end of a disc.
Cannot change the
anti-skip mode.
If [] or [] is pressed before [
you cannot change the mode.
Digital Re-master does not work.
Depending on the type of MP3 disc recording, the effect may not appear.
Cannot hear the remote
control’s operation tone.
The remote control’s operation tone may be off (
page 3).
The remote control
does not work properly.
Remove the plug and reinsert it as fully as possible.
Use only the included remote control to operate the unit.
The remote control
display does not light.
Remove the plug and reinsert it as fully as possible.
Cannot recharge.
Use the specified or supplied nickel-metal hydride
rechargeable batteries (HHF-AZ01) (
You must insert two batteries before you can recharge.
The unit must be off before you can recharge.
The AC adaptor becomes
warm during recharging.
This is normal.
The batteries are taking
a long time to recharge.
The batteries may take as long as 6 hours to recharge under
some conditions.
Play time is short
after recharging.
The batteries are drained if you leave the AC adaptor
connected after recharging is complete (
page 3).
If play is extremely short even after fully recharging the batteries, the
batteries may have exceeded their life. (Rechargeable batteries can
be recharged approximately 300 times.) Please purchase new nickel-
metal hydride rechargeable batteries (HHF-AZ01) (
This may occur the first time you charge the batteries or if you haven’t used
them for a long time. Play time should be restored after a few recharges.
The battery indicator
fails to appear or is
The indicator does not appear when the AC adaptor is connected.
The indicator may not appear correctly when using the rechargeable
and dry cell batteries at the same time and under certain conditions.
The unit stops working.
Disconnect then reconnect all power sources (batteries and AC adaptor).
Power cuts off. If you connect or disconnect the AC adaptor, the power cuts
off even if batteries are inserted.
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