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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome
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General description (Fig. 1)
1 Protection cap
2 Shaving heads
3 Shaving unit
4 Hair chamber
5 On/off button
6 Charging light
7 Socket for micro USB plug
8 Wheel of retaining frame
9 Retaining frame
10 Cutter
11 Guard
12 Release button
13 Cleaning brush
14 Adapter
15 Micro USB plug
16 Storage pouch (PQ288 only)
17 Philips Cleaning Spray (HQ110) (Optional)
Read this user manual carefully before you use the
appliance and save it for future reference.
- Warning: Keep the appliance and the adapter dry.
- This symbol means: Forbidden to clean under a
running tap (Fig. 2).
- The adapter contains a transformer. Do not cut
off the adapter to replace it with another plug, as
this causes a hazardous situation.
- Warning: Do not use this appliance close to a
bathtub, shower or other containers lled with water.
- This appliance can be used by children aged from
8 years and above and by persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
- Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
children unless they are older than 8 and supervised.
- Keep the appliance and its cord out of the reach of
children aged less than 8 years.
- Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
- Do not use the shaver or the adapter if it is
- Only use the adapter supplied to charge the appliance.
- If the adapter is damaged, always have it replaced with
one of the original type in order to avoid a hazard.
- Charge, use and store the shaver at a temperature
between 5°C and 35°C.
- Do not use the shaver in combination with pre-shave
lotions, creams, foams, gels or other cosmetic products.
- The adapter transforms 100-240 volts to a safe low
voltage of less than 24 volts.
Compliance with standards
- This Philips appliance complies with all standards
regarding electromagnetic elds (EMF). If handled
properly and according to the instructions in this
user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on
scientic evidence available today.
- This shaver complies with the applicable IEC safety
Make sure the shaver is switched off when you start to
charge it.
When you charge the shaver for the rst time or after a
long period of non-use, let it charge continuously for
12 hours. Charging normally takes approx. 8 hours.
Charge the appliance when the motor stops or starts
running slower.
For optimal performance, only charge the shaver when
the battery is low.
Do not leave the appliance connected to the mains for
more than 24 hours.
1 Put the micro USB plug in the shaver (Fig. 3).
2 Put the adapter in the wall socket.
, The charging light goes on to indicate that the
appliance is charging (Fig. 4).
Note: Charge the shaver for at least 8 hours but not more
than 24 hours.
3 Remove the adapter from the wall socket and pull
the micro USB plug out of the shaver when the
battery is fully charged (Fig. 5).
Note: The shaver does not run from the mains. When the
battery is empty, you have to recharge the battery before
you can use the shaver again.
Cordless shaving time
A fully charged shaver has a cordless shaving time of
approximately 30 minutes.

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Marque Philips
Modèle PQ222
Produit Rasoir
EAN 8710103585107, 8710103595298, 18710103585142, 68710103585147, 18710103585128, 68710103585123, 8710103585121, 8710103585145
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représentation / réalisation
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Tondeuse Non
Nombre de têtes de rasage/lames 2
Tête de rechange HQ56, HQ4+
Intervalle de remplacement de la tête de rasage 2 année(s)
Technologies du système de rasage CloseCut
Suivi des contours Oui
Couleur du produit Black,Brown
Lavable -
Tête flottante individuelle Oui
Source d'alimentation Batterie
Rechargeable Oui
Temps de rasage 30 min
Prise mâle USB
Tension d'entrée AC 100-240 V
Temps de rechargement de la batterie 8 h
Fonctionne sur piles Oui
Type de batterie Intégré
Contenu de l'emballage
Brosse de nettoyage Oui
Coque de protection Oui
Autres caractéristiques
Poignée caractéristiques Non-slip grip,Soft touch
Témoin de charge Oui
Informations sur l'emballage
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