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    welcome to Philips! To fully benet from
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    product at
    General description (Fig. 1)
    1 Protection cap
    2 Shaving heads
    3 Shaving unit
    4 Hair chamber
    5 On/off button
    6 Charging light
    7 Socket for USB plug
    8 Wheel of retaining frame
    9 Retaining frame
    10 Cutter
    11 Guard
    12 Release button
    13 Travel pouch
    14 USB cable
    15 Cleaning brush
    16 USB wall adapter (HX9200)*
    17 Philips Cleaning Spray (HQ110)*
    * These parts are not supplied with the
    appliance, but are available separately. If you
    want to obtain a USB wall adapter, only buy
    the Philips USB wall adapter, type HX9200.
    See chapter ‘Ordering accessories’ for more
    information on how to obtain the USB wall
    adapter and the Philips Cleaning Spray.
    Read this user manual carefully before you
    use the appliance and save it for future
    - Warning: Keep the appliance, the USB
    cable and the USB wall adapter* dry.
    - This symbol means: Forbidden to clean
    under a running tap (Fig. 2).
    - Warning: Do not use this appliance close
    to a bathtub, shower or other containers
    lled with water.
    - If you want to charge the shaver with
    an adapter, only use the Philips USB wall
    adapter*, type HX9200.
    - Check if the voltage indicated on the
    USB wall adapter* corresponds to the
    local mains voltage before you connect
    the appliance.
    - This appliance is not intended for use by
    persons (including children) with reduced
    physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
    or lack of experience and knowledge,
    unless they have been given supervision
    or instruction concerning use of the
    appliance by a person responsible for
    their safety.
    - Children should be supervised to ensure
    that they do not play with the appliance.
    - Only use a USB port (e.g. computer, USB
    wall adapter* or USB charger) to charge
    the appliance.
    - Do not use the shaver, the USB cable or
    the USB wall adapter* if it is damaged.
    - If the USB cable or the USB wall
    adapter* is damaged, always have it
    replaced with one of the original type in
    order to avoid a hazard.
    - Charge, use and store the shaver at a
    temperature between 5°C and 35°C.
    - Do not use the shaver in combination
    with pre-shave lotions, creams, foams, gels
    or other cosmetic products.
    Compliance with standards
    - This Philips appliance complies with all
    standards regarding electromagnetic
    elds (EMF). If handled properly
    and according to the instructions in this
    user manual, the appliance is safe to use
    based on scientic evidence available
    - This shaver complies with the applicable
    IEC safety standards.
    * The USB wall adapter is not supplied with
    the appliance, but is available separately.
    If you want to charge the shaver with
    an adapter, only use the Philips USB wall
    adapter (HX9200). Contact the Consumer
    Care Centre to obtain this adapter (see
    chapter ‘Ordering accessories’).
    The shaver can be charged with the USB
    cable supplied with the appliance. You can
    either plug the USB cable into a computer
    or into a Philips USB wall adapter, which is
    available separately (see chapter ‘Ordering
    Make sure the shaver is switched off when
    you start to charge it.
    Register your product and get support at
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