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  • Introduction
    Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to
    Philips! To fully benet from the support that Philips offers,
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    General description (Fig. 1)
    A Handle
    B Setting indicator
    C On/off switch
    D Socket for appliance plug
    E Micro shaver
    F Hair clipping comb
    G Setting selector
    H Nose/ear hair trimmer
    I Precision timmer
    J Precision comb
    K Micro trimmer
    L Cutting element
    M Beard trimming comb
    N Cleaning brush
    O Adapter
    P Appliance plug
    Q Charging light
    R Stand
    Read this user manual carefully before you use the
    appliance and save it for future reference.
    Make sure the adapter does not get wet.
    Check if the voltage indicated on the adapter and on
    the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage
    before you connect the appliance.
    The adapter contains a transformer. Do not cut
    off the adapter to replace it with another plug, as
    this causes a hazardous situation.
    This appliance is not intended for use by persons
    (including children) with reduced physical, sensory
    or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
    knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
    or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
    person responsible for their safety.
    Children should be supervised to ensure that they
    do not play with the appliance.
    Use, charge and store the appliance at a temperature
    between 15°C and 35°C.
    Only use the adapter supplied to charge the
    If the adapter is damaged, always have it replaced
    with one of the original type in order to avoid a
    Do not use the appliance when one of the
    attachments or combs is damaged or broken as this
    may cause injury.
    Be careful with hot water. Always check if the water
    is not too hot, to prevent your hands from getting
    This appliance is only intended for clipping human
    scalp hair and for trimming and grooming the human
    beard, moustache, sideburns, nose hair, ear hair and
    eyebrows. Do not use it for another purpose.
    Never try to trim your eyelashes.
    If the appliance is subjected to a major change in
    temperature, pressure or humidity, let the appliance
    acclimatise for 30 minutes before you use it.
    Compliance with standards
    The appliance complies with the internationally
    approved IEC safety regulations and can be safely
    used in the bath or shower and cleaned under the
    tap (Fig. 2).
    This Philips appliance complies with all standards
    regarding electromagnetic elds (EMF). If handled
    properly and according to the instructions in this
    user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on
    scientic evidence available today.
    Preparing for use
    Charge the appliance for at least 10 hours before you use
    it for the rst time and after a long period of disuse.
    When the appliance is fully charged, it has a cordless
    operating time of up to 35 minutes. Do not charge the
    appliance for more than 24 hours.
    The appliance does not run from the mains.
    You cannot charge the appliance in the stand.
    1 Insert the appliance plug into the socket of
    the appliance and put the adapter in the wall
    socket (Fig. 3).
    The charging light on the adapter goes on to
    indicate that the appliance is charging (Fig. 4).
    Note: The charging light does not change colour and does
    not go out when the appliance is fully charged.
    Optimising the lifetime of the rechargeable
    Remove the adapter from the wall socket when the
    battery is fully charged (which takes 10 hours).
    Do not leave the appliance plugged into the wall
    socket for more than 24 hours.
    Discharge the battery completely twice a year
    by letting the motor run until it stops. Then fully
    recharge the battery.
    Attaching/detaching attachments
    All attachments (cutting element, precision trimmer, micro
    trimmer, micro shaver and nose/ear hair trimmer) can be
    attached and detached in the same way.
    1 To attach the attachment, push it onto the
    handle (Fig. 5).
    2 To detach the attachment, pull it off the
    handle. (Fig. 6)
    Hair clipping
    Preparing for hair clipping
    Make sure that the appliance is fully charged when you
    start clipping.
    It is not possible to run the appliance from the mains.
    Only use the appliance on clean, dry hair. Do not use it
    on freshly washed hair.
    1 Make sure that the head of the person whose hair
    you intend to cut is at the same level as your chest.
    This ensures that all parts of the head are clearly
    visible and within easy reach.
    2 Comb the hair in the direction of growth (Fig. 7).
    3 Put the cutting element on the handle (see
    section ‘Attaching/detaching attachments’ in chapter
    ‘Preparing for use’).
    Clipping with hair clipping comb
    1 Slide the hair clipping comb into the guiding
    grooves on both sides of the handle (‘click’) (Fig. 8).
    2 Press the setting selector upwards or downwards
    to set the desired setting (Fig. 9).
    The setting indicator on the back of the appliance
    shows the selected setting. (Fig. 10)
    The table shows how long the hair will be after clipping at
    the different settings.
    When you clip for the rst time, start at the highest
    setting (9) to familiarise yourself with the appliance.
    Settings of hair clipping comb
    Setting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    Hair length after
    4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
    Tip: Write down the hair length settings you have used to
    create a certain hairstyle as a reminder for future clipping
    3 Switch on the appliance.
    4 Move the appliance through the hair slowly.
    To clip in the most effective way, move the appliance
    against the direction of hair growth.
    Since all hair does not grow in the same direction,
    you need to move the appliance in different
    directions (upward, downward or across) (Fig. 11).
    Make sure that the at part of the comb is always
    fully in contact with the scalp to obtain an even
    Make overlapping passes over the head to ensure
    that you cut all the hair that needs to be cut.
    To achieve a good result with curly, sparse or long
    hair, use a comb to guide the hair towards the
    5 Regularly remove cut hair from the comb.
    If a lot of hair has accumulated in the comb, remove the
    comb from the appliance and blow and/or shake the hair
    out of it.
    Contouring without hair clipping comb
    You can use the appliance without hair clipping comb to
    clip hair very close to the skin (0.6mm) or to contour the
    neckline and the area round the ears.
    Be careful when you clip without comb because the
    cutting element removes every hair it touches.
    1 Press the setting selector upwards and pull the
    comb off the handle. (Fig. 12)
    2 Before you start to contour the hairline round the
    ears, comb the hair ends over the ears.
    3 Tilt the appliance in such a way that only one edge
    of the cutting element touches the hair ends when
    you shape the contours round the ears (Fig. 13).
    Only cut the hair ends. The hairline should be close to
    the ear.
    4 To contour the neckline and sideburns, turn the
    appliance and make downward strokes (Fig. 14).
    Move the appliance slowly and smoothly. Follow the
    natural hairline.
    Cutting shapes with micro trimmer
    You can use the micro trimmer to cut shapes in scalp hair.
    It cuts hair very close to the skin (0.6mm).
    Be careful when you use the micro timmer because it
    removes every hair it touches.
    1 Put the micro trimmer on the handle (see section
    ‘Attaching/detaching attachments’ in chapter
    ‘Preparing for use’).
    2 Make careful and controlled movements with the
    micro trimmer.
    To achieve a good cutting result, move the trimmer
    against the direction of hair growth.
    Always make sure the micro trimmer is fully in
    contact with the skin.
    Preparing for trimming
    Make sure that the appliance is fully charged before you
    start trimming.
    It is not possible to run the appliance from the mains.
    1 Comb the hair to be trimmed (beard, moustache,
    sideburns, eyebrows) with a ne comb.
    2 Put the cutting element on the handle (see section
    ‘Attaching/detaching attachments’ in chapter
    ‘Preparing for use’).
    Beard trimming with beard trimming comb
    1 Slide the beard trimming comb into the
    guiding grooves on both sides of the handle
    (‘click’) (Fig. 15).
    2 Press the setting selector upwards or downwards
    to set the desired setting (Fig. 16).
    The setting indicator on the back of the appliance
    shows the selected setting.
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