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Do not rough up the hair or pull long hair up onto the scalp, as this may
cause tangles.
4 Massageyourscalpwithyourngertips.
This stimulates blood circulation and is gentler to the hair cuticles.
5 Rinse your hair thoroughly, as poor rinsing can result in dull hair.
6 Finish with a cold rinse for extra shine.
7 After shampooing, use TRESemmé; conditioner to detangle the hair
and improve its condition.
Drying your hair
To get professional styling results, it is essential to prepare your hair for
curling. Dry your hair properly with a hairdryer to ensure long-lasting results.
1 After washing, squeeze excess water out of the hair with your hands
and then towel-dry the hair.
2 Use a comb to disentangle hair gently from the roots to the tips.
This new Philips SalonCurl Elite curler originates from the professional
market, but is now available for home use to give you salon-perfect long-
lasting styling results at home. We hope you will enjoy using your SalonCurl
General description (Fig. 1)

A Cool tips

B Inner barrel

C Outer barrel

D Stand

E Lever

F Ready light

G Handle

H LCD display

Temperature setting
Remaining usage time

I Temperature buttons

J On/off button

K Heat protection glove

Read these instructions for use carefully before using the appliance and save
them for future reference.
When travelling, check if the voltage indicated on the appliance
corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the
Check the condition of the mains cord regularly. Do not use the
appliance if the plug, the cord or the appliance itself is damaged.
If the mains cord is damaged, it must be replaced by Philips, a service
avoid a hazard.
Keep this appliance away from water! Do not use this product near
or over water contained in baths, washbasins, sinks etc. When used
in a bathroom, unplug the appliance after use since the proximity of
water presents a risk, even when the appliance is switched off.
For additional protection we advise you to install a residual current
device (RCD) with a rated residual operating current not exceeding
30mA in the electrical circuit supplying the bathroom. Ask your
installer for advice.
The inner and outer barrel of this appliance become hot during use.
Prevent contact with the skin.
Keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
Only use the appliance on dry hair.
For safety reasons, the curler automatically switches off after it has
been on for 1 hour.
Always unplug the appliance after use.
Do not wind the mains cord round the appliance.
Wait until the appliance has cooled down before you store it.
Keep the inner and outer barrel clean and free of dust, dirt and styling
products such as mousse, spray and gel. If necessary clean them after
use (see chapter ‘Cleaning’).
Always return the appliance to a service centre authorised by Philips
extremely hazardous situation for the user.
The barrel has a ceramic nanosilver coating. This coating will wear in
the course of time. When this happens, the appliance will still function
Always wear the heat protection glove provided when winding locks
of hair round the hot barrel.
Never cover the appliance with anything (e.g. a towel or clothing)
when it is hot.
Never leave the appliance unattended when it is plugged in.
If the appliance is used on colour-treated hair, the inner and outer
barrel may stain.
Preparing for use
Washing your hair
Everybody wants shiny and beautiful hair. A good hair-washing routine can
help to achieve this.
1 When washing your hair, wet your hair thoroughly for 30-60 seconds.
2 Pour some TRESemmé; shampoo into the palm of your hand. Spread
it between your hands and distribute it evenly through the hair.
3 Gently massage your hair and scalp.


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Marque Philips
Modèle SalonCurl Elite HP4659 | HP4659/07
Produit Fer à boucler
EAN 8710103300243, 8710103300250, 8710103345060
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)
Détails techniques
Longueur du câble 3 m
Température (max) 180 °C
Système de chauffage céramique -
Nombre de position de chauffe -
Système ionisant Non
Coupure automatique de l'alimentation Oui
Couleur du produit Black,Stainless steel
Lumière d'indication Oui
Cordon rotatif Oui
Contenu de l'emballage
Accessoires de soins capillaires Fer à friser
Accessoires de soins capillaires Fer à friser
Écran integré Oui
Longueur du câble 3 m
Coupure automatique de l'alimentation Oui
Lumière d'indication Oui
Cordon rotatif Oui
Écran integré Oui
représentation / réalisation
Température (max) 180 °C
Système de chauffage céramique -
Nombre de position de chauffe -
Fonction Ionique Non
Type Fer à friser
Renforcement des cheveux Non
Bouclage des cheveux Oui
Texturisation des cheveux Non
Séchage des cheveux Non
Couleur du produit Black,Stainless steel
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