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We thank you for the purchase of this Profile product.
Note: It is important that you read this manual carefully
before using the product. And be sure to save this manual
for possible use later.
Technical information
Mains voltage: 230V (50Hz)
Power: 600W – 900W – 1500W
IPX0 (= no protection against water)
Overheat protection
Variable, built-in thermostat
Oil pressure is tested for safety
Switch with indicator light
With wheels for easy moving
Ideal for usage in dry areas from 30m³
Safety precautions
To ensure safe operation of your heater, the appliance
must be connected in accordance with the indications in
the manual.
The appliance is only suitable for domestic or similar
purposes within enclosed spaces.
Do not use the appliance in humid spaces, such as
bathrooms and utility spaces.
When the heater is covered, then this can result in a fire
Place the appliance only upright and on a level, dry
The surfaces, and especially the lamellas, become very
hot during operation. Make sure that small children or
persons with reduced physical capabilities cannot touch
these surfaces.
Never use the appliance in combination with a time
switch. The automatic operation of connected heaters
can result in a hazard during your absence.
Do not run the mains lead across the hot appliance.
Electrical heaters are designed as additional heating
and are not suitable for main heating during the cold
Ensure that the appliance is at least 100cm removed
from the wall and inflammable materials (such as
furniture, paper, clothes, and plants). Never leave your
appliance unattended. Also always pull the plug out of
the socket when you leave the room.
Do not use an extension lead.
Before you start using the appliance, you turn it upside
down in order to install the wheelbases between the last
Fix them to the U bolts with the included wing nuts.
Then turn the appliance right-side up again.
The heater is supplied with a socket plug. Never
operate the appliance with a damaged mains lead
and/or plug, or after a malfunctioning of the heater
has occurred or after it has been damaged in any
possible way.
The replacement of a mains lead and/or plug should
only be performed by a qualified expert, who is
familiar with the applicable regulations.
Operation and usage
Insert the socket plug in the wall socket and ensure
that the rotary switch is in the 0 position and the
thermostat is set to minimum.
By turning the rotary switch you can turn on the
- In position 1 = 600W
- In position 2 = 900W
- In position 3 = 1500W
The indicator light will turn on when the heating is
The thermostat will automatically maintain your
desired room temperature. By now turning the
thermostat clockwise, you increase the temperature
setting. If you, on the other hand, turn the
thermostat anticlockwise, you reduce the
temperature setting.
When you want to switch off the heater, you set the
switch again to the 0 position and the thermostat to
minimum. You then pull the plug out of the socket.
When you turn off the appliance, the oil will slowly cool
We recommend carefully cleaning the heater once a
month to remove dirt and dust. This is to allow the
heater to operate efficiently and safely.
Always switch off the appliance and pull the plug
from the wall socket. Make sure the appliance has
completely cooled down before cleaning it.
Do NOT clean the appliance with detergent, wax or
cleaning agents; these can react under the influence
of heat and cause the colour to deteriorate.
Keep the box for storage during periods that you are
not using the heater. After all, the heater must also
be kept free of dirt and dust during storage.

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