Smeg KSEP920X

Smeg KSEP920X mode d'emploi

    Read the instructions carefully before installing and/or using the hood.
    Before connecting, make sure that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage on
    the rating plate inside the hood. (see fig. 7)
    Once you remove the appliance from its packaging make sure it is intact. If the
    product is damaged, do not use it and contact the Smeg assistance network.
    It is recommended that a qualified technician performs installation and adjustment
    The minimum distance between the cooker and the lower part of the hood must be
    750mm for gas cookers and 650 mm for electric cookers.
    Before carrying out any kind of maintenance or cleaning, disconnect the hood from
    the mains supply.
    Inspect and clean the filters thoroughly and in accordance with the intervals
    suggested by the manufacturer.
    Do not cook or fry in a way that could result in flames being sucked into the hood and
    causing a fire.
    The hood surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a non-bleach liquid
    Make sure the room is properly ventilated when using the hood and other gas
    appliances at the same time.
    Comply with the regulations on air discharge when operating the hood.
    The extracted air must not be routed into a duct used to discharge fumes of gas-
    operated appliances.
    This appliance must not be used by children without an adult supervision
    and disabled people may require assistance.
    This appliance has been designed to work as a
    hood (evacuation of the
    air) or RECYCLING hood (recycling of the filtered air).
    DUCTED MODE: In order to use the hood in the ducted mode, connect the motor
    intake, by means of a suitable ducting hose not less than 120mm diameter, directly to
    the external fumes outlet.
    Note: Remove any carbon filters.
    RECIRCULATION MODE: If it is not possible to discharge fumes outside, the hood
    can be used to filter and recycle the air. This way, air and fumes are filtered by the
    anti-odour carbon filters and recirculated through the aerating grids on the sides of
    EN 01
    The hood is supplied with all the necessary
    accessories for installation. The minimum distance
    between the cooker and the lower part of the hood
    must be 750 mm for gas cookers and 650 mm for
    electric cookers (Fig. 1). The hood is supplied with a
    motor intake (Fig 2). If it has not been assembled by
    the manufacturer, you can assemble it using the
    supplied screws (for type 1) or pushing (for type 2)
    If the motor intake is equipped with a non-return
    valve, make sure it opens and closes perfectly.
    The following instructions will assist installation:
    a) The hood should be centred with respect to the
    The hood is supplied with two supports/hooks (a)
    (Fig 3) or bracket (b) that need to be fixed to the
    wall by means of wall anchors . The L1 holes for
    these supports are on the back of the hood (fig.
    Remove the anti-grease filters, put the hood on
    the wall and mark the position of the holes for the
    d) Drill the two previously marked holes after
    removing the hood from the wall.
    e) Fix the two supports/hooks to the wall.
    f) Mark the L2 holes on the wall to fix the hood
    safely. (fig. 4) Drill and put the anchors in the
    g) Hang the hood on to the supports/hooks (fig. 5)
    and level by means of the adjusting screw
    h) Fix the hood safe by tightening both wall anchors.
    Ducted mode or Recirculation mode installation:
    Ducted mode:
    In the ducted mode, connect the motor outlet to the
    fumes outlet duct not less than 120mm diameter.
    Warning: if the hood is equipped with an active
    carbon filter, it must be removed (see page 7)
    EN 02
    Hood levelling screw
    Type 1
    Type 2
Smeg KSEP920X

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Spécifications du KSEP920X de la marque Smeg

Marque Smeg
Modèle KSEP920X
Produit Hotte
EAN 8017709080754
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier PDF
Puissance du moteur 200
Consommation électrique typique 240
représentation / réalisation
Nombre de vitesses 3
Type d'extraction Conduit / Recirculation
Puissance d'extraction maximum 615
Niveau sonore 71
Nombre de moteurs 1
Nombre d'ampoules 2
Type d'ampoule Halogène
Puissance de l'ampoule 20
Couleur du produit Acier i✗xydable
Type Monté au mur
Nombre de filtres 2pièce(s)
Type de filtre à graisse Acier i✗xydable
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 900
Profondeur 500
Hauteur 968
Hauteur (max) 1478
Hauteur (min) 968

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