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mode d'emploiSony MDR-NC22
After listening to music
Turn off the power of the headphones.
The noise canceling function is only effective for noise in the
low frequency band. Although noise is reduced, it is not
canceled completely.
Do not cover the microphone of the headphones with your
hands. The noise canceling function may not work properly.
The noise canceling function may not work properly unless
the headphones are put on firmly.
You can use the headphones even without turning on the
power. In this case, the noise canceling function is not active,
and the headphones operate as passive headphones.
After you turn on the power of the headphones, you may hear
a slight hiss. This is the operating sound of the noise canceling
function, not a malfunction.
In a quiet place, or depending on certain noises, you may feel
that the noise canceling function is not effective, or that noise
is accentuated. In this case, turn off the power of the
Interference noise can occur from nearby cellular phones.
Should this occur, locate the headphones further away from
the cellular phone(s).

Using the clip

You can fasten the battery box by its clip on a shirt pocket.
When carrying the headphones
The headphones and the battery box can also be separately
stored in the partitioned carrying case (supplied).


Clean the headphones with a soft dry cloth.
Do not leave the jack plug dirty otherwise the sound may
be distorted.
Be sure to bring the headphones to the Sony dealer when
requiring a change of earbuds or repair work.
Do not leave the headphones in a location subject to direct
sunlight, heat or moisture.
Do not subject the headphones to excessive shock.
Handle the driver units carefully.
To clean the earbuds, first remove them from the
headphones, and then clean them with water and mild
detergent. After cleaning, dry each earbud carefully
before use.
The earbuds will need to be replaced from time to time. If
they are worn out by daily use or longtime storage,
replace them with new ones.
If you fell drowsy or sick while using these headphones,
stop use immediately.
Notes on headphonesPreventing hearing damage
Avoid using headphones at high volume. Hearing experts
advise against continuous, loud and extended play. If you
experience a ringing in your ears, reduce the volume or
discontinue use.
Do not use headphones while driving andcycling, etc.
As headphones reduce outside sounds, they may cause a
traffic accident. Also, avoid listening with your headphones
in situations where hearing must not be impaired, for
example, a railroad crossing, a construction site, etc.


No sound
Check the connection of the headphones and the AV
Check that the connected AV equipment is turned on.
Turn up the volume of the connected AV equipment.
Replace the battery.
Muffled sound
Turn down the volume of the connected AV equipment.
Replace the battery.


Type dynamic, closed
Driver units 13.5 mm, dome type (CCAW adopted)
Power handling capacity
50 mW
Impedance 20 at 1 kHz
(when the power is on)
8.5 at 1 kHz
(when the power is off)
Sensitivity 102 dB/mW (when the power is on)
100 dB/mW (when the power is off)
Frequency response
8 – 22,000 Hz
Frequency range of active noise attenuation
50 – 1,500 Hz more than 12 dB at
200 Hz

Selecting the


The M size earbuds are attached to the headphones before
shipment. If you feel the M size earbuds do not suit your
ears, replace them with the supplied S or L size earbuds.

Listening to music

1 Connect the headphones to the AV equipment.

2 Wear the headphones marked R in your right

ear and the one marked L in your left ear. Pushthe earbud into your ear carefully so that theearbud fits the hole of your ear snugly.
Unless the earbuds correctly fit your ears, noise canceling
will not function.
Adjust the earbuds position to sit on your ear comfortably,
and push them into the inside of your ears so that they fit
your ears snugly.

3 Turn on the power of the headphones.

The power indicator lights in red. The powerswitch is located on the battery box. Whenpower is turned on, ambient noise is reduced,and you can listen to music more clearly at alower volume.

4 Turn on the power of the AV equipment.

* “WALKMAN” and “WALKMAN” logo are registered
trademarks of Sony Corporation.
To hear ambient sound for safety
When the power switch is set to on, noise canceling can be
deactivated while the MONITOR button is pressed so that
you can hear ambient sound.
Notes on using on the airplane
The supplied plug adaptor can be connected to the dual or
stereo mini jacks of in-flight music services.
Do not use the headphones when use of electronic
equipment is prohibited or when use of personal
headphones for in-flight music services is prohibited.
If you have any questions or problems concerning the
system that are not covered in this manual, please consult
the nearest Sony dealer.


Noise canceling headphones reduce ambient noise, and
provide a quieter environment to enhance audio
entertainment. Ambient sound is reduced by synthesizing
with a sound in opposite phase produced by the noise
canceling circuit.
Ultra compact headphones fits comfortably in the ears and
closed type headphone structure delivers deep bass sound.
•3 sizes soft silicon rubber earbuds are used for stable and
comfortable fit in the ears.
Operates as passive headphones when noise canceling
circuit is not activated.
Built-in monitor function to hear surrounding sound
without taking off the headphones.
Plug adaptor is supplied to connect directly to stereo or
dual jack of in-flight music services.

Installing a battery

1 Open the lid on the rear of the battery box.

2 Insert one R03 (size AAA) battery, matching

the + and – on the battery to the + and – in thebattery compartment.

3 Close the lid.

Removing the battery

1 Open the lid.

2 Pull the lid lightly in the direction of the arrow.

The battery may jump out when the lid is pulled. Pull the
lid while placing a finger on the battery.

3 Close the lid.

Store the ribbon in the battery compartment to prevent it
being pinched by the lid.
Battery life
1 kHz, 1 mW + 1 mW input
Time stated above may vary, depending on the temperature
or conditions of use.
When to replace the battery
Replace the battery with a new one when the POWER
indicator dims.


2-888-749-21 (1)
© 2006 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia


To reduce the risk of fire or electricshock, do not expose this apparatus torain or moisture.To reduce the risk of electrical shock, donot open the cabinet. Refer servicing toqualified personnel only.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1)
This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this
device must accept any interference received, including
interference that may cause undesired operation.
You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not
expressly approved in this manual could void your authority
to operate this equipment.
The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only those
countries where it is legally enforced, mainly in the
countries EEA (European Economic Area).
Owner’s Record
The model number is located at the front side of the battery
The serial number is located in the battery box.
Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer
to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding
this product.
Model No. MDR-NC22
Serial No.
Disposal of Old Electrical &Electronic Equipment (Applicablein the European Union and otherEuropean countries with separatecollection systems)
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that
this product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it
shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the
recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring
this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potential negative consequences for the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling of this product. The recycling of materials will help to
conserve natural resources. For more detailed information about
recycling of this product, please contact your local Civic Office,
your household waste disposal service or the shop where you
purchased the product.
Plug adaptor (supplied)
When connecting to dual orstereo mini jacks of in-flightmusic services.
To headphone jacks
on airplane seats
When directly connecting tothe headphone jack (stereomini jack) of a WALKMAN
Operating Instructions
Mode d'emploi
Manual de instrucciones
When connecting to a remotecommander with a stereomini jack of a WALKMAN
Sony alkaline battery LR03/AM-
4 (N)
Sony battery R03/UM-4 (NU)
Approx. hours*
50 hours*
22 hours*
MONITOR button


Afin de réduire les risques d’incendie oude choc électrique, n’exposez pas cetappareil à la pluie ni à l’humidité.Pour éviter tout risque d’électrocution,n’ouvrez pas le coffret. Ne confiez lesréparations qu’à un technicien qualifié.
La validité du marquage CE est limitée uniquement aux
pays dans lesquels il fait force de loi, c’est-à-dire
principalement dans les pays de I’EEE (Espace
Économique Européen).
Traitement des appareilsélectriques et électroniques en finde vie (Applicable dans les pays del’Union Européenne et aux autrespays européens disposant desystèmes de collecte sélective)
Ce symbole, apposé sur le produit ou sur son emballage, indique
que ce produit ne doit pas être traité avec les déchets ménagers.
Il doit être remis à un point de collecte approprié pour le
recyclage des équipements électriques et électroniques. En
s’assurant que ce produit est bien mis au rebut de manière
appropriée, vous aiderez à prévenir les conséquences négatives
potentielles pour l’environnement et la santé humaine. Le
recyclage des matériaux aidera à préserver les ressources
naturelles. Pour toute information supplémentaire au sujet du
recyclage de ce produit, vous pouvez contacter votre
municipalité, votre déchetterie ou le magasin où vous avez
acheté le produit.


Ecouteurs antibruit réduisant le bruit ambiant et
permettant d’écouter la musique dans un environnement
plus calme. Les sons environnants sont réduits en les
synthétisant avec un son en opposition de phase produit
par le circuit anti-bruit.
Ecouteurs ultra compact s’adaptant parfaitement aux
oreilles et structure de type fermée permettant d’obtenir
des sons graves profonds.
•3tailles d’oreillettes en caoutchouc de silicone souples
offrant confort d’utilisation et stabilité une fois mises en
Fonctionnent comme écouteurs passifs lorsque le circuit
antibruit est désactivé.
Fonction de contrôle intégrée pour entendre les bruits
environnants sans retirer le casque.
Adaptateur de fiche fourni pour le raccordement direct
aux prises stéréo ou doubles des services de musique en

Mise en place de la


1 Ouvrez le couvercle arrière du boîtier de la pile.

2 Insérez une pile R03 (AAA) en faisant

correspondre les polarités + et – de la pile avecles repères + et – du logement des piles.Français

3 Refermez le couvercle.

Retrait de la pile

1 Ouvrez le couvercle.

2 Tirez légèrement le couvercle dans le sens de la

La pile peut être éjectée lorsque vous tirez le couvercle.
Placez un doigt sur la pile tout en tirant le couvercle.

3 Refermez le couvercle.

Rangez le ruban dans le logement des piles afin d’éviter
de le coincer dans le couvercle.
Autonomie de la pile
1 kHz, 1 mW + 1 mW en entrée
la durée mentionnée ci-dessus peut varier en fonction de la
température ou des conditions d’utilisation.
Quand remplacer la pile
Remplacez la pile par une neuve lorsque l’indicateur
POWER devient sombre.

Sélection des


Les protège-tympans de taille moyenne (M) sont déjà fixés
sur les écouteurs lors de l’achat. Si vous constatez que les
protège-tympans de taille moyenne (M) ne conviennent pas
à vos oreilles, remplacez-les par les protège-tympans plus
petits (S) ou plus grands (L) fournis.
Voir au verso
Pile alcaline Sony LR03/
AM-4 (N)
Pile Sony R03/UM-4 (NU)
Durée approximative*
50 heures*
22 heures*
Insert the # end
Remote commander
dual jacks stereo mini jacks
Insérez le pôle #
en premier.
Cord 1.5 m (59
/8 in) OFC litz cord,
neck-chain (including battery box)
Plug Gold-plated L type stereo mini plug
Power source DC 1.5 V, 1 × R03 (size AAA) battery
Mass Approx. 39 g (1.4 oz) including battery
box, cord, and battery
Supplied accessories
Earbuds (S × 2, M × 2, L × 2)
Carrying pouch (1)
Plug adaptor for in-flight use* (single/dual) (1)
Operating Instructions (1)
* May not be compatible with some in-flight music services.
Design and specifications are subject to change without

Noise Canceling


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Spécifications du MDR-NC22 de la marque Sony

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Marque Sony
Modèle MDR-NC22 | MDR-NC 22B
Produit écouteur
Langue Français, Anglais
Type de fichier Mode d’emploi (PDF)
Sensibilité du casque 102 dB
Impédance 20 Ohm
Unité de lecture 13.5 mm
Type d'aimant Néodyme
Fréquence des écouteurs 8 - 22000 Hz
Couplage auriculaire Intra-aural
Autonomie maximum de la batterie 50 h
Type de batterie AAA
représentation / réalisation
Longueur de câble 1.5 m
Couleur du produit Noir, argent
Type de produit Écouteurs
Poids et dimensions
Poids 39 g
Technologie de connectivité Avec fil
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