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Quick Start Guide


©2012 Sony Corporation Printed in China2012/1NWZ-B172/B173/B172F/B173F
Turning Your “WALKMAN” On and Off
To turn on
Press the button.
To turn off Press and hold the button.
If song playback is paused and there is no operation for a certain period of time, your Walkman turns off automatically.
How to Use Your “WALKMAN”
The Home menu is the starting point of each application.
To display the Home menu Press and hold the BACK/HOME button.
To select an item Rotate the shuttle switch to / to select an item, and
then press the button to confirm.
To return to the previous screen Press the BACK/HOME button.
Home menu *
The icons appear in the Home menu and the color of the selected icon is inverted.
Plays back/deletes sound files recorded with the built-in microphone on
your Walkman.
[Music Library] Plays back transferred songs on your Walkman.
Plays FM radio, or plays back/deletes FM radio programs recorded with
your Walkman.
Sets the function for music, FM*
, voice recording, or your Walkman
and items related to the [FM] function appear on NWZ-B172F/B173F only.
Importing and Transferring Music
You can transfer songs to your Walkman using Windows Media Player 11 or 12 on your computer. If you use Windows Media Player 10 or older on your computer, install Windows Media Player 11 from the Windows Media Player download site.
Import songs from CDs, etc., to Windows Media Player 11 or 12 on the computer.For details on how to import songs from CDs, etc., refer to the Help of Windows Media Player 11 or 12. You do not need to re-import songs that have previously been imported to Windows Media Player 11 or 12.
1 Click “Rip.
2 Click here to
start importing.
Connect your Walkman to your computer.Insert the USB connector fully.
Transfer songs from Windows Media Player 11 or 12 to your Walkman.[DATA ACCESS] appears in the display while you are transferring songs to the Walkman.
1 Choose albums,
2 Click here to transfer songs
to your Walkman.
Do not disconnect your Walkman while files are being transferred. If you do, the file being
transferred will be damaged.
You cannot transfer contents with copyright protection since your Walkman does not support
You can also transfer data to your Walkman by dragging and dropping it in Windows Explorer on your computer.To delete songs transferred to your “WALKMAN”Connect your Walkman to your computer, and then delete any unnecessary audio files using Windows Media Player 11, 12 or Windows Explorer.EnglishAbout the ManualIn addition to this Quick Start Guide, this model is accompanied by the User Guide (HTML document) which you can view from the WALKMAN Guide. For details, refer to “How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide included).”
“WALKMAN” (1) Headphones (1) Clip (1) Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1) Software The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of your Walkman, and includes the following items. For details on how to install it, see “How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide included). WALKMAN Guide User Guide, etc.
About Windows Operating System
Make sure that the OS is Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 or later), Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later) or Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 or later), and the installed Windows Media Player version on your computer is 11 or 12.
How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide
Connect your Walkman to your computer.
Select the following order on the computer.Select [start] - [My Computer] or [Computer] - [WALKMAN] - [Storage Media].
Double-click [Setup.exe].The install wizard appears.
When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe] file stored in the [Storage Media] folder of your Walkman is copied to your computer for backup, and the WALKMAN Guide is installed to your computer.
Follow the on-screen instructions.After the install wizard is completed, the WALKMAN Guide shortcut appears on the desktop of your computer.
Double-click (WALKMAN Guide) on the desktop to start the WALKMAN Guide.For details on transferring music, refer to the User Guide included in the WALKMAN Guide. Hint
You can start the WALKMAN Guide from the [Start] menu (displayed by clicking [Start]).
Installing the bundled software (user guides included) automatically makes a backup copy of the
[Setup.exe] file in the [C] drive on your computer. With the backup file, you can install the software
on another computer even after deleting the [Setup.exe] file by formatting the built-in flash
memory of your Walkman. You first need to copy the [Setup.exe] file and the [Install] folder in the
[Backup] folder to the Walkman. Then, connect the Walkman to another computer on which you
want to install the software and follow the above procedure from step 2. After installing the
software, delete the [Setup.exe] file and the [Install] folder on the Walkman.
The backup data is preserved in the following [C] drive on your computer by the default install
C:\Program Files*
\Sony\WALKMAN Guide\NWZ-B170\Backup
[Program Files(x86)] may be displayed depending on the computer OS.
What can you do with the WALKMAN Guide?The WALKMAN Guide includes the following items: User Guide The following contents can be viewed in your web browser. Details on how to use your Walkman How to use software to transfer content to your Walkman Troubleshooting Customer Registration Link Customer Support Link Other useful Links Includes link information, etc., on the download site.The bundled items differ depending on the country/region of purchase. Hint
After executing [Setup.exe] you can use the free space in the [Storage Media] folder more effectively by formatting the built-in flash memory of your Walkman. To format the built-in flash memory of the Walkman, see “To initialize (format) your “WALKMAN”.”
Charging the Battery
The battery for your Walkman is recharged while the Walkman is connected to a running
Charging Fully charged
About 70 minutes
When you use your Walkman for the first time, or if you have not used the Walkman for a long
time, recharge it fully. When you charge a depleted battery, the power illuminator blinks
clockwise and nothing appears in the display.
If the display of the Walkman remains blank for more than 5 minutes, press the RESET button to
reset the Walkman.
If you turn on the computer, restart the computer, shut down the computer, or wake up the
computer from Sleep or Hibernate status while your Walkman is connected to the computer, the
Walkman may malfunction. In this case, press the RESET button of the Walkman to reset it.
Disconnect the Walkman from the computer before performing these operations.
To prevent battery deterioration, charge the battery at least once every half a year or every year.
REC/STOP button
Starts/stops recording. You can record
sound using the built-in microphone on
your Walkman. You can also record the
currently received FM program (NWZ-
B172F/B173F only).
VOL +/– button ZAP/BASS button
Changes between normal playback and
ZAPPIN playback. ZAPPIN playback
sequentially plays back song clips at a
preset duration, or emphasizes the low
sound range (Bass function).
Starts/pauses song playback, or pauses/
restarts recording.
Shuttle switch
Rotate to find the beginning of a song, or
fast-rewinds/forwards. When a menu
appears on the display, rotate to select a
menu item.
(Headphone) jack Display Power illuminator
Illuminated by LED.
MIC (Microphone)
For recording sound by your Walkman.
Strap holes RESET button
Use a small pin, etc.
BACK/HOME button
See “How to Use your “WALKMAN”.
HOLD switch
Disables the operation buttons to avoid
accidental operation while carrying your
Clip holes
Attach the clip (supplied).
USB cap
When connecting with USB, remove the
USB cap.
If your Walkman does not function as expected, try the following steps to resolve the issue.
Find the symptoms of the issue in “Troubleshooting” in the User Guide (HTML document), and try any corrective actions listed.For details on connecting to a computer, see the table below.
Connect your Walkman to your computer to charge the battery.You may be able to resolve some issues by charging the battery.
Press the RESET button with a small pin, etc.If you press the RESET button while operating your Walkman, the stored data and Walkman settings may be lost.After resetting the Walkman, press the
button to turn on the Walkman.
Check information on the issue in the Help of each software.
Look up information on the issue on one of the customer support Web sites.About the customer support web sites, see “For the latest information.”
If the approaches listed above fail to resolve the issue, consult your nearest Sony dealer.Symptom Cause/Remedy
I cannot charge the
Your Walkman is not connected to a USB connector on your computer
Disconnect the Walkman, and then reconnect it.
The battery is charged in an ambient temperature out of the range of
5 °C (41 ºF) to 35 °C (95 ºF).
You cannot charge the battery when the
icon appears. Charge
the battery in an ambient temperature of 5 °C (41 ºF) to 35 °C
(95 ºF).
The computer is not on.
Turn on the computer.
Your computer has entered Sleep or Hibernation status.
Release the computer from Sleep or Hibernation status.
does not appear when
your Walkman is
connected to the
The USB connector on your Walkman is not connected to a USB
connector on your computer properly.
Disconnect the Walkman, and then reconnect it.
A USB hub is being used.
Connect your Walkman directly to a USB connector, as connection
via a USB hub may not work. However, a USB hub that supplies
power can be used.
Another application is running on the computer.
Disconnect your Walkman, wait a few minutes, and reconnect it. If
the problem persists, disconnect the Walkman, restart the computer,
and then reconnect the Walkman.
The USB connector on your computer may have a problem.
Connect your Walkman to another USB connector on your
The remaining battery power is insufficient.
Charge the battery by connecting your Walkman to a running
computer for at least 5 minutes. When you charge a depleted battery,
the power illuminator blinks clockwise and nothing appears in the
Your Walkman
becomes unstable while
it is connected to the
A USB hub is being used.
Connect your Walkman directly to a USB connector, as connection
via a USB hub may not work. However, a USB hub that supplies
power can be used.
To initialize (format) your “WALKMAN”You can format the memory of your Walkman. If the memory is formatted, all shortcut icons and files including the User Guide (HTML document) will be erased and all settings will be returned to their default values. Be sure to verify the files stored in the memory prior to formatting and export any necessary files to the hard disk of your computer or other devices beforehand.1 Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home menu appears.2 Select [Settings] – [Initialize] – [Format] – [OK], in this order.Rotate the shuttle switch to select the item, and then press the button to confirm.After you confirm it, [FORMATTING…] appears and formatting starts. When formatting is complete, [COMPLETE] appears.
Do not format the memory of your Walkman in Windows Explorer. If you format the Walkman in Windows Explorer accidentally, do it again on the Walkman.
If you format the memory of your Walkman accidentally, download the User Guide (HTML document) from the web site mentioned in “For the latest information.”
About the headphones
Avoid playing the unit at so loud a volume that extended play might affect your hearing.
At a high volume outside sounds may become inaudible. Avoid listening to the unit in situations where hearing must not be impaired, for example, while driving or cycling.
As the supplied headphones are of open-air design, sounds go out through the headphones. Remember not to disturb those close to you.
Do not expose the batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) to excessive heat such as sunshine,
fire or the like for a long time.
Rated current consumption 500 mA
For users in France
When replacing the headphones/earphones, please refer to the model of the headphones/earphones
adapted to your unit that appears below.
At high volume, prolonged listening to the personal audio player can damage the
user’s hearing.
Program ©2012 Sony Corporation
Documentation ©2012 Sony Corporation
For the latest information
If you have any questions or issues with this product, or would like information on compatible
items with this product, visit the following Web sites.
For customers in the USA: customers in Canada: customers in Europe: customers in Latin America: customers in other countries/regions: customers who purchased the overseas models:
Parts and Controls

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Détendez-vous et profitez d’images d’une clarté cristalline avec la qualité vibrante de 2 millions de pixels. La résolut...
NWZ-B172F | NWZ-B172FN
lecteur mp3
4905524835373, 4905524835434
Manuel de l’utilisateur (PDF)
Couleur du produitOr
Commande de volumeRotatif
Indicateur de chargementOui
Support de stockage
Type de lecteur mutimédiaMémoire flash
Capacité totale de stockage2 Go
Lecteur de cartes mémoires intégréNon
Capacité mémoire audio440
Capacité de mémoire vidéo- h
Écran tactileNon
Formats de fichier
Formats audio pris en chargeMP3, WMA
Casque connection3,5 mm
Quantité de bandes de l'égaliseur5
Modes de l'équaliseurCustom, Jazz, Pop
Haut-parleurs intégrésNon
Radio FMOui
Type de bandes supportéesFM
Quantité de stations préréglées30
Enregistrement FMOui
Mode d'enregistrement
Enregistrement vocalOui
Temps d'enregistrement vocal29.2 h
Microphone intégréOui
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Sortie ligneOui
Quantité de Ports USB 2.01
Appareil photo intégréNon
Batterie intégréeOui
Technologie batterie-
Temps de rechargement de la batterie1.1 h
Lecture audio en continu18 h
Poids et dimensions
Poids28 g
Profondeur15 mm
Hauteur22.5 mm
Largeur88.8 mm
Configuration minimale du système
USB requiseOui
Contenu de l'emballage
Guide d'utilisationOui
Autres caractéristiques
Dimensions (LxPxH)88.8 x 15 x 22.5 mm
Technologie de connectivitéAvec fil
Alimenté par port USBOui
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Bluetooth, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Bluetooth exécute une transmission de données sans fil entre des appareils électroniques par ondes radio. La distance entre les deux appareils qui échangent des données peut, dans la plupart des cas, s'élever à dix mètres.

Quel est le poids du Sony NWZ-B172F ?

Le Sony NWZ-B172F pèse 28 g.

Quelle est la hauteur du Sony NWZ-B172F ?

Le Sony NWZ-B172F a une hauteur de 22.5 mm.

Combien de temps faut-il pour charger la batterie du Sony NWZ-B172F ?

Il faut 1.1 h pour charger la batterie du Sony NWZ-B172F.

Quelle est la largeur du Sony NWZ-B172F ?

Le Sony NWZ-B172F a une largeur de 88.8 mm.

Quelle est la profondeur du Sony NWZ-B172F ?

Le Sony NWZ-B172F a une profondeur de 15 mm.

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