Stec MACH 2+ CF 8GB

Stec MACH 2+ CF 8GB mode d'emploi

  • Solid-State Memory Card
    (No Moving Parts)
    Capacity: 128MB - 16GB
    CFA 4.1 and ATA-7 Compatible
    PCMCIA Memory Mode:
    UDMA Modes Supported: Up to 4
    PIO Modes Timing: up to 80ns
    PCMCIA I/O Mode:
    UDMA Modes Supported: Up to 4
    PIO Modes Timing: Up to 80ns
    TrueIDE Mode:
    UDMA Modes Supported: Up to 4
    MWDMA Modes Supported: Up to 4
    PIO Modes Supported: Up to 6
    Standard LBA/CHS Configuration
    Maximized Performance for Multiple
    Simultaneous Random Writes
    SMART, Security, and HPA Command
    TrueIDE PIO-Only Configuration
    Commercial/Industrial Operating
    Form Factors:
    CompactFlash Type I
    CompactFlash Adapter
    Guaranteed 2M Write Operations
    Card Information Structure (CIS)
    Programmed into Internal Memory
    PC Card and Socket Services Release
    2.1 or later compatible
    5V or 3.3V Power Supply
    Full Data-Path Protection with
    built-in ECC Engine
    10 Year Data Retention
    RoHS-6 Compliant
    128MB to 16GB
    CompactFlash Card
    General Description
    STEC’s MACH2 CompactFlash (CF) card is an extremely high-performance,
    multi-channel solution available in capacities from 128MB to 16GB using SLC
    NAND flash. The standard CompactFlash interface provides designers with a
    true plug-n-play storage device, allowing for short design cycles and fast time
    to market, while the extreme performance enables hard disk drive
    performance in a much smaller and more reliable design.
    CompactFlash cards have quickly become the product of choice for
    applications requiring high reliability and high tolerance to shock, vibration,
    humidity, altitude, and temperature. Because the MACH2 CompactFlash uses
    NAND flash technology (e.g. no moving parts), it is more reliable and has
    much lower latency compared to a traditional hard disk drive and consumes far
    less power (approximately 1 watt compared to 12 watts for a standard
    7200rpm ATA disk drive). With its small footprint, high capacity, and rugged
    design, the MACH2 CompactFlash is an ideal hard disk drive replacement or
    alternate storage solution in space-constrained applications or those requiring
    less capacity than available hard disk drives offer including blade servers and
    embedded PCs.
    STEC’s MACH2 CF Card is available in a CompactFlash Type I package and
    adheres to the latest industry compliance and regulatory standards including
    UL, FCC, RoHS, and the Compact Flash Association (CFA). Because the
    MACH2 CF incorporates a proprietary state-of-the-art flash memory controller,
    it provides the greatest flexibility to customer-specific applications while
    supporting key flash management features resulting in the industry’s highest
    reliability and endurance. Key features include:
    Full datapath protection with built-in 8-bit BCH ECC engine to detect and
    correct up to 8-bit errors per 512 Bytes of data
    Sophisticated bad block management and wear leveling algorithms
    dramatically enhance flash memory endurance
    Power-down data protection ensures data integrity in case of power loss
    Lifecycle management feature allows users to monitor the card's lifetime by
    monitoring the card's remaining spare blocks
    STEC’s MACH2 CF card offers the highest reliability and tolerance to shock,
    vibration, humidity, altitude, ESD, and temperature. The rugged industrial
    design combined with temperature testing and adherence to rigid JEDEC
    JESD22 standards ensures flawless execution in the harshest environments.
    In addition to custom hardware and firmware designs, STEC also offers value-
    added services including:
    Custom labeling and packaging
    Custom software imaging and ID strings
    Full BOM control and product change notification
    Total supply-chain management to ensure continuity of supply
    In-field application engineering to help customers through product design-ins
Stec MACH 2+ CF 8GB

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Spécifications du MACH 2+ CF 8GB de la marque Stec

Marque Stec
Modèle MACH 2+ CF 8GB
Produit Mémoire flash
Langue Anglais
Type de fichier PDF
Capacité 8
Type de Carte Flash CompactFlash
Classe de mémoire Flash -
Vitesse de lecture 38
Vitesse d'écriture 22
Poids et dimensions
Largeur 42.8
Profondeur 36.4
Hauteur 3.3
Conservation de données 10année(s)
Temps moyen entre pannes 4000000
Certification RoHS
Consommation d'énergie (écriture) 180
Consommation d'énergie (lire) 180
Tension d'entrée 3.3/5
Conditions environnementales
Température d'opération -40 - 85
Température hors fonctionnement -40 - 95
Taux d'humidité de fonctionnement 0 - 85
Choc durant le fonctionnement 1500
Résistance aux vibrations 20
Informations sur l'emballage
Quantité 1pièce(s)
Autres caractéristiques
Altitude de fonctionnement -304.8 - 25908

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