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$During operation, the hose may be used to pull the unit
Removing the Dust
along behind you. However, when carrying the unit, always
The Dust bag should be emptied at regular intervals to prevent
use a carrying handle
clogging, with a loss of suction power and poor cleaning.
$To prevent the power cord from being stretched, change to
When the 'Dust Bag Full'
the next suitable wall socket when cleaning large areas.
indicator goes red the
dust bag must be
Using the accessories
emptied to avoid
$The Floor/ Carpet Brush has a toggle action
damage to the cleaner
$Press the top cover release catch and hinge the cover up
$Press the lever down to the front for use on smooth floors
and low-pile carpets. Press the lever down to the back for
use on high and medium pile carpets.
$Detach the bag from the cradle and discard it.
$The 2-in-1 crevice tool can be used to vacuum corners, slots,
or grooves and can also be used as a brush nozzle. It is
stored in a compartment at the rear of the cleaner.
When you have finished vacuuming:
$Switch off and unplug the appliance.
$Press the power cord rewind button to automatically
rewind the power cord.
$Put the cleaner in the vertical position.
$Place a new bag in the cradle and close the lid.
Cleaning and Replacing Filters
$The body shell and the exterior surfaces of the attachments
Clean the two filters often. Failure to clean the filters regularly
may be cleaned with a barely damp cloth and then dried
will reduce the cleaner efficiency and may shorten its lifespan.
$Do NOT allow liquids to
The Motor Filter is in a cage at the rear of the cleaner. Lift off
penetrate the vacuum cleaner.
the cover and then remove the filter as shown.
$Connect the tube to the front
of the cleaner. Use the clip to
hook the handle, tubes and
floor brush in the rear slot of
the cleaner as shown in the
$Store the cleaner out of direct
sunlight, and out of the reach
of children.
Cleaning and storage


Vacuum Cleaner

User Guide

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Tesco Stores Ltd, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL
Cleaning the Filters
$Brush thoroughly on both sides, wash in running water,
rinse and dry thoroughly.
$Replace both filters when they are dry and re-assemble the
cleaner ready for use.
$If the appliance becomes clogged, switch off and unplug
the power cord before clearing the obstruction.
$NEVER operate the appliance with a damaged filter
$NEVER operate the appliance without the filters in place.
The Inlet Filter is located at the rear of the dust compartment.
$NEVER operate the appliance with wet filters.
$Open the cleaner and remove the bag to expose the filter. Lift
the filter out.
$Renew the air inlet and outlet filters at regular intervals,
preferably every 2-3 months depending on use.
If at any time there is a loss of suction, switch the cleaner
off and unplug it from the mains. Remove all obstructions
before continuing to use the cleaner.
If the vacuum cleaner should overheat, the protective
thermostat will automatically turn the unit off.
If this occurs: Switch off and unplug. Check and clear any
blockage and clean/replace the filters. Wait at least 45
minutes before attempting to reuse the cleaner. After the
cleaner has cooled down plug in and switch on. The
vacuum should now start.
This appliance is intended only for normal household use. It
must be properly installed and operated in accordance with
these instructions. Failure to do this will invalidate the warranty.
General Operating Cautions
Your appliance is covered by a warranty for 12 months from the
date of purchase. If a fault develops during this period, please
return the unit to your nearest Tesco store together with the
original receipt as proof of purchase. This warranty in no way
affects your consumer rights.
UK: Waste electrical products should not be
disposed of with household waste.
e for details.
ROI: Produced after 13th August 2005. Waste
electrical products should not be disposed of with
household waste. Please recycle where facilities
exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for
recycling advice.
disposal facilities exist, for your nearest facilities
see www.recycle-more.co.uk or in-stor

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