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Technical Description and

User Manual

Mobile active Bluetooth



General notes and information ....................... 2
For your safety ................................................. 5
Operational controls and connections .........10
Charging the rechargeable battery ...............14
Operation .......................................................16
Care and cleaning .........................................25
Protecting the environment ..........................26
Technical data ...............................................27
Declaration of conformity ..............................27
All trademarks are the property of their re-
spective owners.
and the Bluetooth symbol
are trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
and the aptX symbol are
trademarks of CSR plc or associated
companies and may be protected in
multiple countries.
Original packaging
If you wish to exercise your eight-week right of
return, we ask that you be absolutely sure to
hold onto the packaging. We can only accept
the return of a device WITH THE ORIGINAL
Empty boxes are not available!
In case of a complaint we will need the follow-
ing information to process your enquiry:
1. Invoice number
Can be found on the sales slip (enclosed with
the product) or on the order confirmation re-
ceived as a PDF document, e.g. 4322543
2. Serial number or batch number
Located on the device packaging, e.g. serial
no.: KB20240129A-123.
Thank you for your support!
Please contact our customer service depart-
ment with any questions, suggestions, or
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
Budapester Str. 44
10787 Berlin (Germany)
Phone 00800 - 200 300 40 (toll-free)
Fax: +49 (0)30 / 300 930 930
Service: www.teufelaudio.com/service
Contact: www.teufelaudio.com/contact
Before operating the speaker, please
first read the safety notes and user
manual carefully. Only in this way, can
you ensure that all functions are used in a safe
and reliable manner. Store the user manual in
a safe place and also be sure to pass it on to
any subsequent owner.
Package contents
1 × USB charger
Input: 100–240 V; Output: DC 5 V/2.1 A
1 × USB cable
(A plug to a Micro B plug)
Check that all items have been delivered
and that nothing is damaged. If necessary,
please contact our service team (see “Con-
Never operate a damaged device.

For Your Safety

Proper use
The ROCKSTER XS is designed to play back
music and speech from an external player.
Devices can be connected via Bluetooth
or AUX cable.
The ROCKSTER XS is protected against
splashing water and dust and may also
be used outdoors. However, protect your
ROCKSTER XS from heavy or enduring rain.
Only use the ROCKSTER XS as described
in this user manual. Any other use will be
deemed as not in accordance with the instruc-
tions and may lead to damage of property or
even persons.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for dam-
age caused by improper use.
The ROCKSTER XS is intended for private use.
Explanation of terms
You can find the following signal terms in this
user manual:
This signal term indicates a moder-
ate risk, which, if not avoided, may
result in death or severe injury.
This signal term indicates a low risk,
which, if not avoided, may result in
minor or moderate injury.


This signal term warns you of poten-
tial damage.
Safety notes
This chapter contains general safety notes
which you should always observe to protect
yourself and third parties. Also observe the
warning notes in each chapter of this user
Touching live parts can result in se-
vere injury or death.
Only use accessories recommended by
the manufacturer.
Only use the enclosed AC adapter plug
or an AC adapter plug with an identical
construction. Make sure that the cor-
rect voltage is present. More detailed
information is available directly on the
AC adapter plug.
Check the AC adapter plug regularly
for damage. Do not use the AC adapter
plug in any case if its housing is defec-
tive or exhibits other visible damage.
Only use the AC adapter plug indoors
and not in wet rooms; protect it from
dripping and splash water.
Never open the housing of the AC
adapter plug or of the ROCKSTER XS.
Pull the mains adapter out of the socket
in the event of an incoming storm or if
you do not intend to use the device for a
prolonged period of time.
Danger of explosion: Rechargeable
batteries (particularly lithium batter-
ies) can explode if used improperly.
Keep the ROCKSTER XS away from heat
sources (e.g. ovens, radiators, amplifi-
ers etc.).
Do not expose the ROCKSTER XS to
direct sunlight.
Never attempt to dispose of the
ROCKSTER XS by burning it.
Only use the accessories and equip-
ment parts (e.g. the rechargeable
battery) offered or recommended by the
Protect the rechargeable battery
against intense heat such as direct
sunlight, fire etc.
Do not place open flames such as
burning candles or similar on the
Do not use the ROCKSTER XS near
If the housing is defective, stop using
the ROCKSTER XS and store it so that it
is not accessible for children.
Only have qualified personnel per-
form all repair and maintenance work.
Inspection and/or repair is necessary if
the ROCKSTER XS has been damaged
in some way, e.g. if moisture or small
parts have penetrated the device, the
device is not working properly or has
been dropped.
Only operate the ROCKSTER XS under
the following ambient conditions:
• max. ambient temperature of 40 °C
• max. 2,000 m above sea level.
Health hazard: The ROCKSTER XS
permanently generates magnetic
fields that may interfere with pace-
makers and implanted defibrillators.
Make sure that the ROCKSTER XS and
pacemaker/defibrillator are always at a
minimum distance of 10 cm.
If necessary, consult your physician and
ask about effects on implants such as
pacemakers or defibrillators.
The use of the product may cause
accidents or disturbances in certain
Do not use the device in environments
where there is a risk of explosion.
Only use Bluetooth® in locations where
wireless radio transmission is allowed.
Extended listening at high vol-
umes may lead to hearing loss.
To avoid damage to health, avoid ex-
tended listening at high volumes.
When the volume is set high, always
keep a certain distance from the device
and never place your ears directly on
the speaker.
If the signal source device is set to full
volume, it may produce very high sound
pressure. This may have psychological
consequences and also cause physical
injury. Children and pets are particularly
at risk. Set your signal source device
volume control to a low setting before
turning on the power.


At a high volume, the ROCKSTER XS
can produce vibrations and thus
move around on a smooth surface.
Always set up your ROCKSTER XS so
that it cannot fall down or is able to
knock down other devices (Smartphone

General Notes And Information

The information in this document may change
without prior notice and in no way constitutes
any liability on the part of Lautsprecher Teufel
No part of this user manual may be repro-
duced in any form or be broadcasted in any
way electronically, mechanically, by photocopy
or recording without the written permission of
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH.
© Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
Version 1.1, March 2020

Operational Controls And


(1) Push once: back to the start of the track;
Push twice: skip to the previous track (not
with AUX connection)
If the device is switched off: push briefly to
switch the device on.
If the device is switched on: push briefly
to display the rechargeable battery charge
Push and hold to switch the device off.
(3) Next track (not with AUX connection)
(4) Play/Pause button
Interrupt/continue playback (not with AUX
(8) AUX jack (3.5 mm) for connecting an
external player via an audio cable with a
3.5 mm jack plug
(9) Type A USB jack for providing power to an
external player (e.g. smartphone)
(10) Type B micro USB jack for charging
the rechargeable battery built into the
ROCKSTER XS as well as for operation as
a sound card on a PC or MAC
(11) Power LED lights up when the
ROCKSTER XS has been switched on
(12) Display of the rechargeable battery
charge level
Rechargeable bat-
tery charge level
Illuminated LEDs
76–100 % • • • •
51–75 % • • •
26–50 % • •
11–25 %
≤ 10 % LED is flashing
(13) Display for the right stereo speaker in
Stereo Connect mode
(14) Bluetooth
LED illuminates continuously:
The connection has been established
blinks slowly: Pairing mode
blinks quickly: List of the devices paired
so far will be deleted
(15) Display for the left stereo speaker in the
Stereo Connect mode

Charging The Rechargeable


The rechargeable battery in your
ROCKSTER XS is charged via the USB cable.
Use the enclosed USB charger to charge it for
approx. 3 h before first use.
To charge the device, connect the USB jack
(10) with the USB jack of the enclosed USB
charger. Use the enclosed USB cable to do so.
You can also charge it using the USB port
of your PC. However, this will significantly
increase the charging time.
The charge level of the rechargeable battery is
indicated by the 4 LEDs (12) during the charg-
ing process.
Charge level
When the
device is
switched on
When the
device is
switched off
100 % • • • • all LEDs are off
76–99 % • • • • • •
51–75 % • • • •
26–50 %
≤ 25 %
(2) (3)
(8) (9) (10)
(5) Increase the volume
Push and hold the button
for approx. 3 seconds:
Activate Bluetooth
pairing and, if appli-
cable, disconnect the existing Bluetooth
Push and hold for approx. 10 seconds:
Delete the list of Bluetooth
devices paired
to date.
(7) Reduce the volume

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